Want to streamline your transition from an HP 9000/PA-RISC environment to an HP Integrity 11i v3 server? Re-host your complete HP 9000 user-space environment and reduce your reconfiguration time, management overhead, and complexity of migration using HP 9000 Containers. HP 9000 Containers provide enhanced transition security for systems currently using PA-RISC on HP 9000 servers that run HP-UX 11i v1 (and later versions) without recompiling individual applications or reinstalling the entire application ecosystem.

What's new

  • New “trusted mode” support enables older servers with enhanced security (such as enhanced passwords and auditing capabilities) to be easily transitioned to and consolidated on HP Integrity servers.


Accelerate Migration from HP 9000/PA-RISC Server to HP Integrity Server Environment

HP 9000 Containers enables quick migration of your application environment by cloning the entire application ecosystem from an HP 9000 server to the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system instance on an HP Integrity server.
Re-host HP 9000/PA-RISC application environments onto an HP Integrity Server, each with an isolated, virtual, HP 9000 file system.
Reduce application inventory preparation and reconfiguration times with easy-to-use tools and scripts to create, configure and manage the HP 9000 Container using HP-UX Containers.
Leverage the execution layer for PA-RISC applications provided by the HP ARIES dynamic binary translator.
Reduce management overhead with multiple, secure, isolated execution environments (HP-UX Containers) to function within the same HP-UX operating system instance.
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