The HP Scripting Toolkit (STK) for Windows and Linux provide flexible scripting to automate steps in HP ProLiant server configurations to scale high volumes of server deployments rapidly and cut deployment time substantially. The STK includes a modular set of utilities and documentation that describe how to apply the scripting tools for an automated deployment process.

It delivers hands-off, unattended installation for high volume HP ProLiant server deployments and is integrated with other management tools such as Integrated Lights Out (iLO) and is based on Intelligent Provisioning. Its "Rack and Go" approach frees up scarce IT resources, delivers consistent server configurations across multiple servers, and integrates into popular methods for operating system deployment.

Past versions were based on SmartStart, and were known as the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit.


Scripting capability for deployment of high volume ProLiant server installations

Supports HP ProLiant BL/ML/DL /SL/XL and Apollo series servers in both Windows and Linux environments. All of ProLiant G7, Gen8 and Gen9 servers are supported
Unattended, automated, high-volume HP ProLiant server configuration deployments
Utilizes proven technology to provide consistent and reliable, high volume, server configurations
32-bit and x64 Windows Toolkits are combined into a single deliverable

Provides advanced multi-server deployment for technical users

Includes replication utilities to provide an easy way to create and apply server hardware, array, and iLO configuration script files
Provides configuration files that provide a flexible way to edit standard hardware configuration files
Enables the IT administrator to script server configuration files and link to the unattended installation tools of the operating system

"Rack and Go" Unattended Installation Frees up Scarce IT Resources

Delivers consistent server configurations across multiple servers
Documentation provided with how-to information and sample scripts
Integrates into popular methods for operating system deployment

Other features

Features for Linux, Win32, and Win64: supports memory space >1 MB, PXE, and Perl/Advanced scripting Support
For Win32 and Wind64, supports both Visual Basic and WMI Support
Password usability updates and Support for WinPE 3.0, WinPE 4.0 and WinPE 5.0
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