In a world of limited resources, you need tools that accelerate getting servers deployed quickly and inexpensively. HP addresses this by providing a server provisioning tool that eliminates media and time-consuming effort - Intelligent Provisioning.

With HP Intelligent Provisioning all needed drivers and software tools are pre-loaded onto your Gen8 server. No configuration CD's to use, no drivers to find, no guesswork. Intelligent Provisioning replaces SmartStart CDs and is embedded on the ProLiant Gen8 server.

Press the F10 key during server boot to get started. It recognizes if system software is out-of-date and will automatically download the latest version and enables updates direct from the Internet.

It addresses the complexity of server deployment to eliminate 45% of server configuration steps, so customers can deploy their servers 3x faster and it supports a wide variety of OSes. (OS installation via Intelligent Provisioning is not supported on ProLiant Gen8 SL servers.)

What's new

  • Now supports additional OS boot devices – two SD cards (available from HP) that are used as an alternative to SmartArray storage. (700136-B21 - HP 32GB SD and 700139-B21 - HP 32GB microSD)
  • Now supports Recommended and Custom Install capabilities for Linux


Server Provisioning Software Embedded on the System Board Rather Than Using Media (CDs)

Increased simplicity because there is no need for media (no SmartStart CDs) with Intelligent Provisioning; it is initiated by pressing F10 during server boot process. Contains all your needed firmware, drivers, and tools on the system board so the server is immediately ready for provisioning.
Fully integrated system and OS configuration tool eliminates 45% of your server installation and set-up steps, so you can deploy servers 3x faster.
Built-in update capability recognizes if the system software is out-of-date and will download the latest update for firmware, driver, and tools for you.
You'll notice the difference from the moment power and network are connected to a ProLiant Gen 8 server. Intelligent Provisioning quickly starts to communicate with you and allows comprehensive system configuration prior to boot with guided, profile driven or scripted approaches.

Includes the Configuration Utilities You Were Accustomed to with SmartStart, Plus Many New Ones

Ability to download drivers, firmware, and systems software by connecting directly to and to perform updates and install an OS in the same step
Ability to provision many servers remotely using HP iLO 4 and Intelligent Provisioning Deployment Settings capability
Flexibility of OS media sources including optical / USB devices and network media in various formats that install to hard drives, HP supplied SD cards, etc
Prevents you from having configuration errors when deploying ProLiant servers. With typical servers, simple errors result in a failed startup without explanation.
Allows you to easily register for Insight Remote Support, download AHS logs, and perform diagnostics

Revised and Simplified User Interface (UI) with the Following Capabilities

Simplified system configuration with guided, profile-driven or scripted approaches for seamless integration with standard IT processes.
A "Recommended Install" for quick, one-click, simple, installation of both Windows and Linux OSes that has preset defaults and will perform a software and firmware update if the network is available.
Simplified "Custom Install" with a start to finish wizard that provides additional settings for network setup, server and RAID configuration, OS installation. Includes driver and firmware updates in the interview process.
A streamlined "Manual Install" that includes the necessary drivers specific to your OS installation without you searching the web

New Features for Increased Simplicity

Supports additional OS boot devices—two SD cards (available from HP) that are used as an alternative to SmartArray storage. (700136-B21 - HP 32GB SD and 700139-B21 - HP 32GB microSD)
Provides “Deployment Settings” that allows creating and editing a collection of configuration settings, saving them in a portable package and deploying them 1: many servers via iLO4 or USB key.
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