Are you looking for business insights and cloud opportunities that your business needs? As the foundation to the cloud-ready information platform, SQL Server 2012 will help customers unlock breakthrough insights across the organization and approach cloud opportunities, private or public, on their terms backed by advanced capabilities for mission and business critical confidence. SQL Server 2012 sets the new standard for mission and business critical with industry-required high availability and performance capabilities at leading TCO.

Additionally, SQL Server 2012 delivers astonishing value through built-in Business Intelligence that has proven scale with 24TB production cubes -all backed by credible, consistent data and highly scalable data warehousing solutions.

What's new

  • Enable business critical performance and availability low TCO required availability and protection: -2x faster failover* -Reduced downtime by 50%* -Most secure
  • Unlock insights with pervasive data discovery across organization -Rapid exploration: SharePoint integration & Remote and non-SQL data source support -Credible and consistent data: BI Semantic Model
  • Create business solutions across server and private or public cloud -Scale on demand with flexible deployment options: License mobility -Common management and development tools: SQL Server Data Tools
  • *Source: Internal Microsoft CTP TAP testing results. 2x faster than Database Mirroring in SQL Server 2008 R2


Windows Server Core Support

Reduce Operating System patching by as much as 50-60%* with new support for Windows Server Core.
Source* The percentage reduction in patching varies and can be less based on the server roles that are enabled and the type of patches that are applied

Distributed Replay

Simplify application testing and help minimize errors with production-like application testing and configuration changes, and upgrades.

User-Defined Server Roles

Easily manage permissions around data access to support separation of duties and enable compliance around strict data access policies.

SQL Server Data Tools

Take database development to the next level with SQL Server Data Tools, an integrated development experience for database and Business Intelligence.
Worldwide (English)
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Support & Drivers

  • *Estimated U.S. retail price. Actual price may vary.

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