Do you need to trace your HP-UX 11i performance at the kernel level? HP Kernel Tracing (ktracer) provides analysis of processes and systems to detect bottlenecks, pinpoint issues and discover opportunities to improve performance. Running ktracer on HP-UX 11i is easy and functional.

You just turn it on and it works for whatever flavor kernel and whichever architecture you have.


Enables Analysis of Processes and Systems to Detect and Pinpoint Areas to Improve Performance

HP Kernel Tracing delivers ease- of-use and low-performance overhead by the easy and flexible scripting giving the user a broad choice of trace points. Ktracer can be invoked through a simple Caliper command line option that offers simple do-it-all options.
Delivers power and flexibility with over 40,000 customizable trace points where system-wide performance analysis or process-specific performance can be tracked.
Generates rich performance data reports such as locks, system calls, and variables that symbolically make it easier for you to identify program attributes and easy-to-recognize performance trouble spots for smoother operations.
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