Do you need to convert your HP 9000 C/C++ applications to run on HP Integrity servers? HP 9000 Cross Development for Integrity (XPADE) on HP-UX 11i for HP Integrity servers provides a complete and simplified HP 9000 development environment. XPADE targets HP 9000 HP-UX C/C++ applications that require compilation and linking as part of the installation procedure, bring-up or runtime to reduce risks associated with transition.


Complete and Simplified HP 9000 Development Environment for Integrity Servers

HP 9000 Cross Development for Integrity (XPADE) provides greater insurance for investments made on HP 9000 servers.
Gets cost and power savings by reducing HP 9000 server use and converting to the more efficient HP Integrity servers.
Enables HP 9000 C/C++ applications, which require compilation or linking as part of installation, bring-up or runtime, to be migrated to HP Integrity servers using HP ARIES.
Eliminates the need to copy header files, libraries, and utilities from HP 9000 servers to HP Integrity servers for cross compilation and linking.
Is easy to setup and use through the self-contained single installable HP-UX 11i depot.
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