HP OneView is powerful converged management that eliminates infrastructure complexity with automation simplicity. Its software-defined approach transforms the everyday management of server, storage, and network resources in physical and virtual environments.

As a common platform, HP OneView helps IT teams capture best-practices, processes, and configurations. It shifts the management focus from ‘devices’ to ‘how people work’ for “get it right” repeatability every time.

As an intelligent automation hub, it provides out-of-the-box integration with HP, VMware, Microsoft, and Red Hat solutions while preserving the ability for custom integration with your other management products. This innovative management platform reduces OpEx and improves agility to free up your resources for new business initiatives.

HP OneView can help you transition from your current infrastructure, tools, and processes to your IT-as-a-Service future on your path to the hybrid cloud.        

What's New

  • Automation for 3PAR StoreServ Storage, traditional Fibre Channel fabrics, and direct attach (Flat SAN)
  • Server profile integration for storage volumes, direct attach profiles, and SAN provisioning; including fully-automated SAN zoning
  • HP Virtual Connect support for Fibre Channel (8Gb 20-port and 8Gb 24-port) and FlexFabric 20/40 F8 interconnects; enhanced with VLAN tunneling, untagged traffic support, and configurable LACP timers
  • Server profile configuration support for HP ProLiant DL Gen8 rack servers, with general support in the Server profile for launching the iLO Graphical remote console and for SAN storage provisioning
  • REST API enhancements for Storage control, enabling custom integrations and automation of HP OneView using Python and PowerShell scripts
  • Enterprise software partner integrations for Microsoft System Center (Hyper-V support), VMware vCenter with Operations Manager, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and HP Operations Orchestration


Converged Management

HP OneView delivers a single management platform that supports HP DL servers, BladeSystem, 3PAR storage, and ConvergedSystem.
HP OneView delivers the contemporary web 2.0 design of an instantly-familiar workspace that your entire IT team can use to manage your infrastructure. The 'one model, one data, one view' approach streamlines activities and communication while providing a consistent view of your environment.
HP Smart Search provides fast, sophisticated search to instantly find the exact information for which you look. And HP Activities gives you a common communication stream of real-time messages (like alerts, team messages, and updates) to eliminate ad hoc processes and team productivity inhibitors.
HP MapView lets you see resource status, relationships and dependencies. Visualizing connections and relationships between resources provides fast collaborative troubleshooting and reduces operational errors.
HP Dashboard shows every device in your data center, from anywhere, with a fully mobile client. Tasks and alerts are shown, along with additional information which can be displayed for more specific areas of interest. Instantly receive notification of changes thru the state change message bus.

Software-Defined Control

Automated storage provisioning results from the software defined approach, which attaches storage volumes to server profiles. This enables HP OneView to import 3PAR StoreServe Storage systems and storage pools, carve storage volumes on the fly, and attach storage volumes to server profiles.
Fully-automated SAN zoning, including Brocade fabrics, allows you to attach/detach SAN volumes to server profiles without manual zoning. You can also use direct attach (Flat SAN) profiles between HP Virtual Connect and 3PAR StoreServ Storage.
Network Management using HP Virtual Connect supports Fibre Channel and FlexFabric interconnects. Enhancements support untagged traffic, VLAN tunneling, 'per FlexNIC' traffic stats, configurable LACP timers, min/max bandwidth settings, and bulk creation of networks via the UI or REST API.
Server profile configuration is supported for HP ProLiant DL Gen8 (rack) servers to automate firmware maintenance, boost productivity, and save time. Software-defined approaches capture your best practices by your own experts into common templates and processes for leverage by your wider team.
The state change message bus and REST APIs provide automation and a closed-loop method of ensuring compliance. This allows virtualization administrators to automate control of HP compute, storage, and networking resources without detailed knowledge of each device.


HP OneView for Microsoft System Center enables provisioning using server profiles to create or grow a Hyper-V cluster. It shows clear relationships for health monitoring and alerting, and all existing HP integration features will work with HP OneView managed hosts.
HP OneView for VMware vCenter integrates with VMware vCenter, Operations Manager, and Log Insight. An HP entitlement allows Operations Manager integration on the standard edition. It leverages 3PAR shared storage and/or boot from SAN for creating or growing clusters using an automated workflow.
HP OneView for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides a single pane of glass for the virtual and physical infrastructure, showing inventory, health, and configuration monitoring. HP management tools such as iLO, OnBoard Administrator, and Virtual Connect can be launched with single-sign-on.
HP OneView is fully programmable to allow users easy creation, integration, and customization for their own environment. The architecture allows full management access using its open REST APIs, a consistent data model, and state-change message bus.
HP OneView can be used to automatically synchronize physical and virtual networks. Provision ESXi hosts up to 20x faster with this approach or create clusters in an automated fashion 6x faster than with conventional tools. Using HP OneView as an intelligent hub speeds your IT implementation.
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