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Choosing the right infrastructure for your data-driven organization

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HPE Ecosystem partners include both commercial proprietary solutions and open source solutions so customers can choose the right mix for their business needs.




Object Storage

Low cost/GB, density-optimized solutions for object storage systems at scale such as collaboration, content distribution, content repositories, active archives, back-up repositories and cold storage, and everything in between.



Gain business insight from your Big Data with analytics based on parallel Hadoop data mining to developing a 360-degree view of customers, improve Web commerce sales, increase customer retention and satisfaction and much more. Or analyze volumes of machine-generated data to streamline and automate operations to improve efficiency and profitability.


HPC and Big Data Convergence

Big Data analytics are becoming more compute-intensive. High Performance Computing is working with much larger volumes of data. The challenges and the solutions are beginning to have many of the same elements. Is it Big Data or is it HPC? Ultimately, it will not matter if the solution solves the problem and deals effectively with scale and the need to do much more – with less.


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