Downtime is costly to your business

Protect your business’s most critical applications and services to keep your business on target. By maximizing uptime and continuously monitoring the IT health of your entire stack, HPE Serviceguard aligns business continuity with business reality.

Keep your environment always on, so you can be worry-free with HPE Serviceguard solutions for HP-UX.  Specific modules within the solution specialize in:

  • High availability - maximize uptime with clustering and intuitive control  
  • Disaster recovery - deliver services even in case of disaster, with rapid recovery and minimal data loss  
  • Storage management - integrate with file systems and volume management, even when clustered  
  • Toolkits and extensions - Increase application availability and manageability with toolkits, automatic fault detection and recovery

See how HPE uses Serviceguard Solutions to keep its own business up and running.

HPE Serviceguard and Serviceguard Manager

HP Serviceguard

Define, implement, and manage solutions that help to secure your infrastructure, while protecting data and information. Align your business continuity objectives with your business requirements.

HPE Serviceguard

Ensure critical services are continually up and running using HPE Serviceguard.

Experience improved availability as it moves services between servers on the fly, so quickly and so transparently that you may not even realize it happened. HPE Serviceguard transfers applications automatically, in response to a failure, or at your command, for scheduled maintenance.

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HPE Serviceguard Manager

Facilitate management with configuration, administration, and monitoring capabilities for environments protected with HPE Serviceguard Solutions.

Gain a graphical, big-picture view of multiple clusters with drag and drop control that allows you to drill down and proactively manage clusters, systems (nodes), and applications packages. Seamless integration with other management tools allows you to manage anything from virtual machines, to large cluster settings, all from one interface.

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View the video below to see how to get the most out of Serviceguard Manager:

Take advantage of HPE disaster recovery solutions

Implemented and refined for more than 25 years

Disaster-proof your business by extending the comprehensive protection of HPE Serviceguard beyond the walls of you data center to ensure you remain online at all times. HPE Serviceguard Solutions for disaster recovery address everything from single points of failure in a single system to multiple points of failure involving many systems at several locations. It clusters your workloads and recovers them to a different server, city or continent should any failures occur.

HPE Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster

Protect your workload from two or three data centers up to 100km apart with HPE Serviceguard Extended Distance Cluster. It monitors and replicates you data and configurations to fail over a faulting workloads from one data center to another. Since HPE Serviceguard is the only cluster license required, it is an inexpensive and easy-to-implement disaster recovery solution.

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HPE Serviceguard Metrocluster

Benefit from automatic and bi-directional failover and failback of mission-critical data and applications in data centers located up to 300 kilometers apart using HPE Serviceguard Metrocluster. Not only does it protect against the business impact of disasters, it also turns your business continuity infrastructure into a productive asset that can be used for day-to-day operations to avoid planned downtime.

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HPE Serviceguard Continentalclusters

For disaster recovery spanning unlimited distances, HPE Serviceguard Continentalclusters uses multiple clusters to provide availability within and between different clusters. Not only does this gives you complete protection against any failures within each cluster, but also the powerful ability to have one cluster immediately take over the operations of the other at the simple push of a button.

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Serviceguard Storage Management Suite

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Increase availability, strengthen data integrity and improve manageability for HP-UX Oracle Database and Oracle RAC environments with HPE Serviceguard Storage Management Suite (SG SMS). This suite integrates HPE Serviceguard Solutions and Veritas Storage Foundation technologies by Symantec. It has been simplified for choosing single-instance Oracle environment or Oracle RAC customer environment solutions.

Find the right HPE Serviceguard Storage Management Suite for you

Your environment enhanced


Enhanced database performance

Achieve close to "raw-volume" Oracle database performance all while you benefit from the manageability of a file system capable of dynamically scaling the database up to 40 terabytes. At the same time, you can reduce your storage costs by transparently relocating data to different classes of storage based on how important the data is and how often it is accessed.

Experience greater control of online storage management

Improve storage utilization, and reduce storage-related downtime by grouping physical disks into Disk Groups with SG SMS. Other features allow you to distribute I/O loads across multiple data paths to improve performance and move unimportant or out-of-date files to less-expensive storage.

Simplify Oracle RAC management

Experience improved manageability with the HPE Serviceguard Cluster File System for RAC—one of the products within SG SMS—as a single storage management solution for both Oracle and application files. Traditionally, Oracle RAC management has entailed dealing with raw volumes, which usually adds complexity. Now, SG SMS provides all the conveniences of file-system manageability with close to raw volume performance.

Improve data integrity and reduce downtime

Preserve data integrity, protect business-critical environments from unexpected hardware and software failures, and enable the application uptime necessary to achieve service-level objectives with HPE Serviceguard, the fundamental component within the product suite. HPE Serviceguard is equally effective in responding to unplanned failure events and maintaining uptime during planned maintenance. You can move your applications among servers, keeping services available during software or hardware updates.

Increase resource utilization

Allow multiple servers, partitions, or virtual machines to be grouped into a cluster to provide highly available application services. In the event of a failover during peak usage times, HPE Serviceguard now integrated into Matrix OE for HP-UX, uses a policy engine that works together to re-allocate resources based on business priorities to facilitate meeting service levels.

HPE Serviceguard Toolkits and Extensions

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Speed deployment simplify management and increase the availability of your key applications and databases.

Forget about lists of what you can or can't cluster—HP-UX delivers a unique framework for a single, common way to integrate virtually any IT service into a cluster for fully supported solutions with zero custom coding. We use this same framework to offer off-the-shelf, pre-tested Toolkits and Extensions for key mission-critical applications that are developed with—and recognized by—our partners.

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