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Easily evolve to Integrity i4 servers leveraging HP-UX virtualization.

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Optimize your resources

Respond more rapidly to business requirements and reduce costs with efficient utilization of your IT resources. HP-UX Virtualization consolidates workloads, and gets the most out of your HP Integrity servers running HP-UX.

Our broad HP-UX virtualization portfolio offers technologies ranging from partitioning to virtual machines and containers. The unique mission critical qualities of each technology can be combined to meet all your workloads needs.

  • HP nPartitions (nPars) – ultimate electrical isolation of workloads, delivering high performance, scalability and OS isolation, provided on HP Integrity Superdome 2 and Integrity blade servers
  • HP-UX Virtual Partitions (vPars) & HP Integrity VM – workloads isolated into separate operating system instances within a server or an nPartition, providing dynamic resourcing, scalability, dedicated or shared resources, direct or shared I/O, and the option of online mobility
  • HP-UX Containers – workload isolation, within one operating system instance offering dynamic, shared resourcing and management that often reduces software licensing costs

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