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Insight Control Power Management

Learn more about HP-UX 11i v3 power saving features

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HP-UX System Management Solutions and the value they can add to your environment

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HP-UX Insight Control Power Management

Simplify your servers’ management with powerful, comprehensive and integrated system management tools


Take control of your IT environment with a single view, from the full breadth of your installation to device detail. The proven foundation of HP-UX contributes to your uninterrupted computing excellence and peace of mind.

  • Maximize the uptime and health across your IT environment with HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM), a single management graphic user interface that quickly and consistently manages, controls and optimizes your HP servers, operating systems, storage and networking. Delivered with the HP-UX 11i v3 Base Operating Environment, this essential server management software can be complemented with a wide portfolio of management tools.
  • Simplify the management of a specific HP Integrity server running HP-UX with HP System Management Homepage - HP-UX. Delivered with the HP-UX 11i v3 Base Operating Environment, this web interface provides access to various management tools specific to an HP Integrity server running HP-UX.
  • Instantly adjust to dynamic business demands with the advanced infrastructure management of HP Matrix OE for HP-UX software. With infrastructure orchestration, you can easily plan, configure, and automate your physical and virtual resources in the same way, while provisioning and modifying a complex infrastructure in minutes.

This chart illustrates the HP-UX 11i management software framework and how it spans multiple types of servers and operating systems.


HP Software
Best choice for managing hundreds of systems from multiple vendors
HP Systems Insight manager
Best choice for managing hundreds of HP systems - multiple platforms and operationg systems
Core management services
Runs natively on:
Physical and virtual platforms
Insight Control
for Integrity
Matrix OE
for Integrity
Insight Control
for ProLiant
Matrix OE
for ProLiant
Managed Operating Systems
and more...

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Explore our management software technology solutions:

Centralized management & controlCentralized management & control
Infrastructure management (Matrix OE)Infrastructure management (Matrix OE)
Server Hardware ManagementServer Hardware Management
Technology managementTechnology management

For manageability and performance with a simple and flexible tool that enables you to manage your environment dynamically.

A subsystem for managing your disk space with value-added features that enhance availability and performance.

For simplifying storage management, increasing system performance and providing immense scalability.

Deployment, provisioning and patchesDeployment, provisioning and patches
Performance management and capacity planningPerformance management and capacity planning