What is a Universal Database Solution?

universal database

The Universal Database Solution offers a pre-configured, tested solution with a choice of storage, OS and database that is optimized for a specific server. It allows you to control:

  • Price, with lower software costs, lower capital acquisition costs and lower ongoing system support costs
  • Performance, getting the right performance at the right time
  • Manageability, easy to deploy and easy to manage

You get to choose

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach looks good on paper but leads to high cost, vendor lock-in and requires extensive tuning. We do not force you to follow one particular approach, but allow you to use the Universal Database Reference Architectures as a starting point, tailoring as necessary to meet your specific needs. Choose the components, operating system, and configuration that best meet your requirements with the Universal Database Solution for Mission-Critical x86.

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Our solutions for HP ProLiant DL980 provide:


A common foundation

X86-based hardware platforms

An HP scale-up, resilient, x86 server based on the PREMA Architecture and designed to take full advantage of the latest 10-core Intel Xeon processor E7-4800/2800 product families. All major Linux operating systems and Windows are supported.

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Performance and growth

Increased Speed

The HP 3PAR StorServ Flash 7450 is the most scalable and highest performing storage option.

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For small or entry-level databases, HP PCIe IO Accelerator can host an entire database (maximum 6TB) internal to a single server.

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Ease of purchase and installation

Attach and services

The system can be redeployed without costly licensing or configuration changes. There is no 'appliance only-usage' lock-in.

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Performance engineering

Getting started

Services are available to help tune the application, database, and system to ensure they deliver what your business requires.

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Uncompromised choice of OS and DB


For your Linux distribution of choice— Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, or Oracle Linux—the Universal DB Solution offers an optimal Oracle RDBMS environment and alternatives such as EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server or Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise.

For a Windows environment, the Universal DB Solution is an enterprise-class architecture optimized for Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 and alternatives from EnterpriseDB, Sybase or Oracle.

No matter what your choice, the Universal DB Solution provides faster time to production, lower TCO, and reduced risk. Choose your solution below.

The smart choice

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The HP ProLiant DL580 Data Accelerator Solution for Oracle is the smart choice for enterprise databases, I/O and memory-intensive applications, and consolidation projects. Leveraging the power of HP ProLiant DL580 Servers with Intel® Xeon® processors and HP PCIe IO Accelerators, together with the flexible and cost-efficient Linux operating system, this fully tested and integrated solution includes everything you need —racking, configuration, and bundled servers—making it easy to deploy.

Our HP ProLiant DL580 Data Accelerator solution provides

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Proven reliability

HP ProLiant DL580 G7 Servers offer unprecedented reliability, scalability, flexibility, and performance— everything you need to handle complex, mission-critical IT environments.

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High performance

Eliminates the seek-bound limitations of rotating disk storage to significantly improve application performance, as compared to traditional storage systems that utilize hundreds of HDDs.

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High availability (HA)

Building on the reliability of the HP ProLiant DL580 G7 server, the HP solution provides HA with minimal to no performance impact on either servers or storage via Oracle Data Guard.

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Integrated solution

This fully integrated and optimized database solution allows for “appliance-like” ease of purchase, installation and support.

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Uniquely affordable plus flexible upgrades

Rather than add dozens of additional spindles to hard disk drive-based (HDD) storage arrays, you can use affordable, high-performance flash-based storage solutions. Also, you can choose to upgrade individual components vs. the less granular upgrade path required by other solutions.

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Uncompromised choice of the OS and DB

While specifically optimized for the Oracle Database, this HP solution can be adapted for other databases, including IBM DB2, EnterpriseDB, Sybase ASE, Microsoft® SQL Server, and others. Likewise, the solution was tested with Red Hat Linux, but it can be customized to run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Oracle Linux, and Microsoft Windows® Server.


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