A new alliance partnering to bring you a transformed server experience

ProActive Insight Architecture is more than a design or even a transforming design philosophy. It's also the alignment of over 900 patents, over 150 customer innovations and an alliance of the world's top hardware and software technology providers allied to transform the server experience.

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10gen customers are dealing with large volumes of unstructured data growing at extraordinary rates. MongoDB provides users with a unique combination of agility and scale to address the expanding scope of operational data; HP’s new SL4500 server based on the ProActive Insight architecture was designed in the same vein, promising to maximize flexibility, performance and uptime for customers. ”

Ed Albanese

Vice President of Business Development, 10gen

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Now that Amplidata’s object storage platform is HP ProActive Insight Architecture Qualified, HP customers have access to our industry-leading storage solution for Big Data and Cloud based active archives. Amplistor running on the HP SL4500 platform delivers industry leading i/o throughput, storage density, power consumption, and the lowest total cost of ownership, enabling Petabyte scale users to deploy active archives at price points previously unachievable. ”

Mike Wall

CEO, Amplidata

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Broadcom is pleased to be an active member of HP's ProActive Insight Architecture Program. By providing HP with Ethernet solutions that are optimized for their new ProLiant Gen8 server line, Broadcom is able to deliver unsurpassed speed, efficiency, and scalability, thereby redefining the expectations and economics of the data center. The new ProActive Insight Architecture Program will continue to drive tighter alignment between the two companies and reinforce end-user value.

Vinod Lakhani

General Manager, High Speed Controllers. Broadcom Corporation

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Enterprises that leverage Cloudera’s Platform for Big Data to unlock insights across all of their data benefit from deploying infrastructure components optimized for the extreme demands of big data workloads. By designing a server purpose-built for big data, HP is offering the market a seamless new approach to processing large data sets efficiently and cost-effectively. ”

Amr Awadallah

Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera

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With Couchbase Server, we are focused on delivering document-oriented NoSQL database technology that enables customers to achieve easy scalability, consistent high performance, and always-on operations they need to power their interactive web applications. We think the new HP ProLiant SL4500 server will perform well for our customers, further enhancing scalability and performance, as well as the ease of use and manageability benefits that Couchbase delivers. ”

Steven Mih

Vice President, Couchbase

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As the world's number one provider of switching power supplies, Delta Electronics is pleased to be a key technology contributor to the HP ProLiant Gen8 servers and a founding member of the ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance. Delta's advanced digital design and rigorous product testing paired with the built-in intelligence of the ProLiant Gen8 ProActive Insight architecture delivers power efficiency at the industry's highest level with the lowest iTHD. Paired with ProLiant Gen8, Delta delivers total energy-saving solutions that return value to our clients and help to fulfill our corporate mission: "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow."

Jeff Chen

General Manager, Delta Electronics

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The new HP ProLiant Generation 8 server platform provides built-in intelligence to improve data center efficiency. As part of the HP ProActive Insight Architecture Program, Emulex is providing HP customers with next generation I/O connectivity solutions.

Shaun Walsh

Vice president of marketing, Emulex

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Fusion-io is pleased to be invited to join the HP ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance as a founding member, and we are proud to be collaborating with HP to deliver dramatic improvements in data intensive application performance with the new, higher capacity HP IO Accelerators powered by Fusion's ioMemory technology. The new HP IO Accelerators integrate with HP's self-sufficient ProLiant Gen8 servers to provide customers with powerful and cost-effective solutions while simplifying, automating and optimizing their infrastructure. ”

Tyler Smith

Fusion-io Vice President of Alliances

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As one of the leading enterprise-class HDD and SSD companies in the world, we are honored to be a founding member and active participant in HP's ProActive Insight Architecture Program. We have had a long history with HP, continually meeting their stringent quality and performance standards, and in 2011 we won their Global Supplier Quality of the year award. With our quality reputation and commitment, HP ProLiant Gen8 customers will continue to benefit from our field-proven Ultrastar hard drive platform with industry-leading technology, performance and high reliability. ”

Brendan Collins

Vice president of product marketing, HGST, a Western Digital company

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As a leading commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks is very pleased to be part of the ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance promoting datacenter transformation with reliable, high performing, enterprise-ready solutions such as the HP ProLiant SL4500 Gen8 servers. We believe over half the world’s data will be processed by Hadoop within the next five years; and to make that happen, new infrastructure solutions like these very fast, high density servers from HP and supporting products from PIA vendors are definitely needed. ”

Mitch Ferguson

VP Business Development, Hortonworks

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The combination of the Ceph Distributed Storage System and the HP Proliant SL4500 server brings a level of unmatched storage density, performance and efficiency which is unique in the market. Together the two platforms provide a compelling solution to address exploding data growth which requires a massively scalable storage platform which provides unified object, block and file storage on powerful, cost effective hardware. ”

Bryan Bogensberger

President & COO of Inktank

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With MapR, we’re focused on delivering the best platform to create compelling Big Data applications and services. The new HP ProLiant SL4500 server provides increased scale and density, while reducing complexity. The new server does this all with the enterprise reliability, manageability and performance that our customers expect and that we can jointly deliver now with HP. ”

Jack Norris

VP of Marketing, MapR Technologies

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Mellanox is pleased to be a part of HP's ProActive Insight Architecture and enable the HP ProLiant Gen8 family with the industry's highest bandwidth, lowest latency interconnect performance. In parallel with HP's Proliant Gen8 server launch in March, Mellanox unveiled a new portfolio of 10/40GbE and FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand solutions, including the industry's only PCIe 3.0 adapters, designed to optimize end-to-end interconnect performance in next generation enterprise applications and provide end-users with the best return-on-investment. ”

Chuck Tybur

Vice president of Americas and global OEM sales at Mellanox Technologies

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For more than a decade QLogic has been a key partner in the development of networking solutions for HP ProLiant servers. HP ProLiant Gen8 servers provide organizations with several key enhancements including higher compute density, the ability to process more VMs, and new levels of enterprise I/O performance. By harnessing the full capabilities of HP-branded QLogic adapters for Gen8 ProLiant rack and tower servers, this powerful new multi-core server platform maximizes overall performance. The addition of HP's automated ProActive Service and Support transforms the services industry and redefines the server experience by finding and fixing problems before they occur, eliminating customer downtime. ”

Amit Vashi

Vice president, marketing, Host Solutions Group, QLogic

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Throughout its long-standing collaboration, Red Hat and HP have delivered computing innovations with economic value to its mutual enterprise customers... Red Hat Storage is an open, scale-out storage software platform supporting petabytes of capacity and leveraging industry-leading x86 servers, such as HP’s new ProLiant SL4500 Gen8 servers with the ProActive Insight architecture. The Red Hat Storage and HP ProLiant SL4500 Gen8 server solution enables enterprises to rapidly and easily add capacity in an affordable way. ”

Scott Clinton

Senior director, Product Management and Marketing Storage Business Unit, Red Hat

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As the world's leading IT rack manufacturer, Rittal is proud to be a founding member of the ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance. Building on the design standards and technologies delivered by Rittal, HP has developed the Intelligent Series racks that provide location information to installed ProLiant Gen8 servers. Just as the other technologies represented in the ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance, Rittal's design works in concert with ProLiant Gen8 to redefine datacenter economics and expectations, and to provide countless opportunities to better manage infrastructure. ”

Ray Snyder

Director of International Strategic Accounts, Rittal

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We continue to work closely with HP on an aggressive path of innovation that combines Samsung technologies in memory and in Solid State Drives with HP's ProActive Insight Architecture for the most advanced server applications. Our 2Gb and 4Gb-based memory ensures that HP's new ProLiant Gen 8 servers will have an optimal memory solution with the lowest power requirements and the highest quality components. ”

Jim Elliott

Vice President, Memory Marketing and Product Planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

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Joining as a founding member of the HP ProActive Insight Architecture program underscores the SanDisk® commitment to deliver innovative flash-based solutions for the enterprise. SanDisk understands that enterprise customers require sustainable performance to maximize I/O intensive application workloads making the SanDisk Lightning® SAS Enterprise SSDs a natural fit with the ProLiant Gen8 server solutions. ”

Greg Goelz

SanDisk vice president and general manager, Enterprise Storage Solutions

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Scality is very pleased with the release of the HP ProLiant SL4500 Server family, which provides high density and great flexibility for cloud service providers. The SL4500 is one of most dense servers available in the market today offering over 2PB in a single rack and it complements our vision of offering increased storage capacity on reduced footprint, power consumption and overall cost, using industry standard building blocks. ”

Jérôme Lecat

CEO, Scality

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Seagate is pleased to be teaming with HP to make it easier to manage data centers at lower cost in the face of exponential data growth. As a founding member of the ProActive Insight Architecture Program, Seagate is integral to the intelligence that powers the HP ProLiant Gen8 servers to new levels of reliability, performance and efficiency in cloud and in-house data centers the world over. ”

Scott Horn

Vice president of marketing at Seagate

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As a leader in the design and manufacture of world class memory products, SK Hynix is pleased to be a key technology partner with HP on the introduction of the new line of ProLiant Gen 8 servers. As a member of the ProActive Insight Architecture Alliance, SK Hynix is proud to support the advanced design and rigorous product testing put into this new Generation of systems. SK Hynix is extremely excited to be a pre-launch supplier as well as a major partner in the production ramp of these platforms and we look forward to supplying HP and their customers with the highest quality and best performing memory solutions available today. Congratulations HP on this monumental event. ”

JB Kim

Senior VP/ Worldwide Marketing & Sales Division, SK Hynix Semiconductor

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For twenty years we have worked with HP to deliver open, robust and reliable Linux solutions backed by SUSE. Our ability to provide outstanding uptime and performance is why customers choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the HP Proliant Gen8 platforms to build next-generation big data and cloud solutions. We are pleased to join the Proliant Insight Architecture Alliance with HP and provide SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HP’s new SL4500 servers. ”

Philip Cockrell

Senior Director for hardware partner alliances, SUSE

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OpenStack Swift is used by top-tier web companies, Fortune 500 enterprises and cloud service providers as the storage back-end for mobile, web and as-a-service applications. These applications all require a flexible, manageable and highly scalable storage infrastructure that support their explosive growth of data and millions of users. With the HP ProLiant SL4500 high-density storage servers and the SwiftStack storage system with OpenStack Swift, these organizations will be able to handle these web-scale storage workloads with a massive number of concurrent readers and writers while reducing their operational costs and efficiency through the ProLiant’s SL4500’s innovative new management features. ”

Joe Arnold

CEO, SwiftStack, Inc.

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The rapid growth of Big Data and cloud computing makes storage technology a critical component in data centers. With its ProLiant Gen 8 servers, HP is delivering solutions that directly address enterprise customer requirements for self-sufficient architecture, power savings, and performance. Toshiba is excited to be delivering storage solutions as part of the ProLiant Gen8 family. ”

Joel Hagberg

Vice president of marketing for Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit

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