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HP Discovery Lab allows customers and partners to experiment, test and benchmark applications on the HP Moonshot System as well as on traditional servers. Discovery Labs around the world provide unfettered access - onsite and remotely - to customers and partners for precise application testing and benchmarking for just the right solution for your needs.

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HP Moonshot Discovery Lab

HP Moonshot Discovery Lab

HP Discovery Lab

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Moonshot product | 125x94 HP Moonshot System
HP Moonshot, the world’s first software defined server to run Internet scale applications. With billions of devices that track, gather and process information the need for innovative solutions at unprecedented scale, speed and efficiencies has never been greater. The advanced architecture of the HP Moonshot System enables customers to deliver more services with less space, less energy, less cost and less complexity.

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Moonshot M800 | 125x94 HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge
Available in the Discovery Lab, the HP ProLiant m800 Server Cartridge accelerates transmission of signals/data with four Texas Instruments Keystone II 66AK2H SOCs, each with four ARM Cortex A-15 cores and eight C66x digital signal processor (DSP) cores, providing high-performance RISC processing with ultra-low power consumption for VOIP/LTE workloads.

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