Are you looking to accelerate deployment of SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics? HP Converged Infrastructure for SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics is optimized for the in-memory analytics engine, scaling from 1, or 4 to 256+ HP ProLiant BL and DL Servers, delivering analytical results to Web browsers and mobile devices in seconds to minutes. These pre-approved configurations support deployments of non-distributed to highly distributed environments.

Flexible SMP and MPP configurations that are sized to your workload, and are integrated by the HP factory closest to you, wherever you are worldwide, regardless of the organizational size. HP performs onsite installation, working with you to verify network connectivity before a SAS® consultant completes the final software setup.

HP Financial Services offers financing for the total solution, both HP CI and SAS solutions alike. This gridded solution enables the co-existence of data nodes with Cloudera®.

They are supported by SAS EEC.

What's new

  • Automation-assisted ordering is now available for MPP configurations built on ProLiant DL560 and ProLiant BL660c Gen8; Ivy Bridge (v2) support following availability from Intel®
  • Ivy Bridge (v2) is the preferred processor for CI for SAS H-PVA configurations.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 or greater for SMP configurations only joins support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.2 or higher and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 R2 or more current
  • All nodes should now have a minimum of 600 GB disk drives configured with RAID 1
  • Cloudera is now supported on both SMP and MPP configurations of CI for SAS H-PVA


Powerful In-Memory Analytics Solutions For Visual and High Performance Analytics

The HP Converged Infrastructure for SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics delivers analytical results to a web browser or mobile device in seconds to minutes.

Configurations scale from 1 to 256 ProLiant DL and BL servers, with HP Networking data switches, as needed.

Accelerates statistical and analytical services with an in-memory analytical engine that saves time from months and hours to minutes and seconds.

Purpose-built to achieve customer objectives, HP Converged Infrastructure for SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics is pre-integrated and delivered onsite to reduce installation time and effort, meeting SAS EEC support requirements.

Comprehensive, future-focused IT infrastructure scales with project size, from proof-of-concept to production, to even larger production configurations over time.

Complete Solution and Services, Providing a Total Package That is Appropriately Sized

SAS Sales together with SAS Enterprise Excellence Center (SAS EEC) confirm sizing of the HP Converged Infrastructure for SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics and provides the customer with sizing recommendation for HP Converged Infrastructure.

HP field sales or HP Channel Partners work with the customer, gathering necessary inputs for the HP Factory Express Customer Intent Document, called the CID document which contains the Preparation Guide for HP CI for SAS H-PVA.

With cabling plan and server placement workbook to assist factory automation setup and onsite deployment, HP builds the customer configuration based on the contents of the CID.

HP works with customer's network engineer to connect the configuration to the network.

SAS-Approved Configurations

With the approval and support of SAS, customers of the HP Converged Infrastructure for SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics gain confidence knowing that SAS stands behind ongoing support for the solution when deployed on pre-approved configurations.

SAS EEC sizes the deployment hardware, consulting with the HP Shared Solutions Architecture (SSA) team.

HP reference configurations are kept in sync with SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics, globally, so there is no guess-work on suitability of these configurations.

SAS-approved configurations now include Cloudera as part of CI for SAS H-PVA.

Designed to Reduce Customer Costs

Improves bottom line through highly efficient infrastructure components of the HP Converged Infrastructure for SAS High-Performance Visual Analytics that boost productivity while using less energy.

Provides solutions that scale out over time, commensurate with customer requirements, and protecting initial investment.

Saves on internal design efforts while reducing costs due to expert efforts toward initial designed solutions.

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