Are you struggling to manage growing amounts of data cost effectively while extracting more value from it? HP Converged Systems RA with Red Hat® Storage on ProLiant SL4540 Server offers massive scalability, high performance, and volume economics for storage of all kinds of unstructured data. In particular, two-node ProLiant SL4540 Server series offers a scalable and cost-effective solution for creating a large file and object store, deploying an enterprise drop box or cloud storage for service providers, or establishing a near-line archive.


Lower Costs for Scalability in an Open and Extensible Approach

The HP Converged Systems RA for Red Hat Storage on ProLiant SL4540 Server offers flexible configurations of compute and storage that can be tuned for diverse workloads.

Deploying scale-out storage with Red Hat Storage on HP ProLiant SL4540 servers allows organizations to dramatically reduce capital costs while maintaining high levels of performance and availability.

Scale-out storage software offers a scalable foundation for unstructured data.

Extensible storage modules enable new business models without concern for inflexible infrastructure.

Increase Performance, Capacity, or Throughput with Scale-Out Solutions

HP Converged Systems RA for Red Hat Storage on ProLiant SL4540 Server provides scale out storage that helps to control growing amounts of unstructured data and scales easily in multiple dimensions in your enterprise.

Red Hat Storage enables organizations to combine large numbers of HP ProLiant SL4540 Servers into a high-performance, virtualized, and centrally managed storage pool. Both capacity and performance can scale linearly and independently on demand, from a few terabytes to petabytes and beyond.

By combining economical HP ProLiant SL4540 Servers with a scale-out approach, organizations can achieve radically better price and performance in an easily deployed and managed solution that can be configured for increasingly demanding workloads.

Increase Reliability and Customer Satisfaction

The HP Converged Systems RA for Red Hat Storage on ProLiant SL4540 Server can replicate data to multiple servers, helping to facilitate that the system is protected from faults and that the failure of any indi­vidual server does not compromise data access, or the overall availability.

Red Hat Storage running on HP ProLiant SL4540 Servers provides vastly simplified homogeneous infrastructure over disparate JBOD systems, while a simplified global namespace reduces architectural complexity.

By consistently delivering high levels of performance and helping to eliminate data silos, Red Hat Storage combined with HP ProLiant SL4540 Servers helps drive higher user satisfaction levels.

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