Are you a mid-sized organization looking for a turnkey solution to solve your virtualization issues? HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization supporting VMware provides mid-size businesses with a simplified yet cost-effective pre-integrated solution for virtualization that is easy to procure, manage and support. The solution is available in Standard and Performance configurations.

HP ConvergedSystem 300 Standard: Optimized for general workloads, this reliable turn-key solution is built on rack-based servers and HP StoreVirtual VSA to reduce infrastructure acquisition costs. HP ConvergedSystem 300 Performance: Optimized for high-performance virtualization workloads, the performance variant provides enhanced processors and more storage yielding better VM performance capabilities per server. Each system supports an expansion option of a similarly configured server with onboard storage that expands the solution up to eight servers.        


Simplified Virtualization Appliance

HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization is a pre-engineered solution, easy to procure that shortens deployment time resulting in saving of IT resources.
Based on market leading HP Converged Infrastructure, it is designed to help you quickly harness the full potential of virtualization.
Pre-integrated, pre-configured and workload optimized systems give you a turnkey data center in a box which simplifies your installation.
Easy to manage via integrated management that simplifies the IT administrator’s job.
Simple, unified solution support for the entire solution from a single contact simplifies support escalations and provides a single point of accountability.

Optimized for Virtualization Out-of-the-Box

HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization is set up right out of the factory which provides integration according to pre-tested configurations making it easy for customers to run workloads.
Rigorous HP pre-engineering and pre-validations of the standardized system reduces complexity and risk that shortens time to solution and saving in IT resources.
Pre-tested system reduces time to failure resolution saving valuable IT support staff time and efforts.
Superior converged infrastructure architecture provides high reliability and availability.

Scalable and Flexible Solution

HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization is easy to expand and support through modular design.
Flexible to meet business demands as you expand your business.
Pay as you go model offers reduced capital expenditures (CapEx).

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