Enterprise customers wanting to remove complexity while maintaining flexibility and performance within their environment.
Does your data center need to scale out better? HP ConvergedSystem 700x offers the fastest, simplest path to converged agility and virtualization. This offering comes in a flexible configuration that can scale to meet most any data center requirements.

HP ConvergedSystem 700x melds HP Converged Infrastructure with the VMware vSphere and Microsoft System Center infrastructure. This solution drives out complexity with scalable performance, high availability and manageability for any virtualized application.

You get increased agility with lower OpEx. VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V set the standard in virtualization, enabling better application performance and availability while VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center automate the management of a broad pool of data center resources.

With HP Converged Infrastructure and management, this combination frees IT to focus on driving innovation.        

What's New

  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of workloads and deployments from physical to virtual to cloud
  • Right-size with ultimate flexibility in defining server to storage ratios
  • Accelerate performance and manageability with a highly engineered ecosystem of compute, storage, networking and management
  • Control your environment and develop your cloud with the option of HP CloudSystem Software
  • Simplified ordering options


Simplify Your Virtualized Infrastructure

The HP ConvergedSystem 700x is engineered for flexibility, simplicity, integrated by design, and comes with the option of virtualization or cloud in a box.
Easy to order a complete infrastructure platform.
Easy, rapid installation with low risk, and designed to scale with your growing workload needs.
One-stop unified support for moving your data center from physical to virtual to cloud.

Optimized for Mixed Workload Environments

The ConvergedSystem 700x delivers converged storage that is simple, agile and efficient, especially for virtualized and cloud environments and is tightly integrated with VMware and Microsoft.
Pre-configured for a wide range of customer needs. HP ConvergedSystem 700x has been designed to be an extremely flexible solution that allows a defined number of custom adaptations based on your environment.
Performance tested for a range of workloads.
HP integrated server, storage, networking management with VMware and Microsoft. In today’s enterprise, IT agility is essential. Converged infrastructure gives you this all-important agility; it has been widely adopted to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve business continuity.

Flexible and Designed to Grow with Your Individual Data Center Requirements

With pay-as-you-grow with flexible options from HP Finance Services, you don’t need to over purchase server, storage, networking capacity upfront.
Customizable ordering and simple upgrade options, features that address application service automation can be integrated during the initial deployment, streamlining your ability to better support your line of business user's application and test and development needs.
Supports a variety of application workloads including virtualized tier 1 applications.
Scalable and extensible to the VMware, Microsoft or HP cloud management platforms.

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