HP Enterprise Fabric Management Suite (EFMS) software is a set of simple and powerful fabric management tools for HP H-series fabrics. A single pane of glass provides performance and fabric monitoring as well as configuration tools for H-series fabrics.

Users are licensed to manage an unlimited number of switches and fabrics from a single, fully integrated application. Enterprise Fabric Management Suite also provides maintenance, isolation and troubleshooting capabilities for SAN administrators who require advanced tools.

Included with EFMS is a comprehensive set of real-time diagnostic tools for monitoring and troubleshooting Fibre Channel Fabrics. Tools determine if a device is responding, trace the path in the fabric, as well as monitor the health of SFP and XPAK transceivers.

A single management application, a single license and a single pane of glass gives administrators the power to maximize application and storage performance and availability.


Fabric Management Tools for Optimum SAN Performance and Availability

Performance monitoring provides easy-to-configure/easy-to-use graphs for monitoring the performance of your FC SAN. Troubleshoot fabric problems or find the performance bottlenecks before they become an issue. Historical performance data can be exported to spreadsheets or databases for analysis.
Extended Credit Wizard steps the user through a simple interface allowing the user to quickly and easily setup a switch for long distance communication.
Fabric Tracker allows the user to view two saved configurations and compare the differences. Periodically take a snap-shot of the fabric configuration to find out what has changed from yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, or from the day of installation.
Fabric Monitoring enables the user to configure thresholds and alarms per switch port; provides alerts when unexpected error rates, traffic levels, or anomalies occur in the fabric. Configure EFMS to send alerts, through SNMP for full integration into monitoring applications.
Fabric Zoning provides simple drag and drop zoning with fast and easy activation. Untouched flexibility with support of multiple zoning types: Port WWN Zoning, Node WWN Zoning, FCID Zoning, Hard Zoning, Soft Zoning.

Switch Management

Device management makes setup and configuration of devices in the fabric simple and fast. With one mouse click from the topology view, users can configure IP network properties, upgrade firmware, view and modify switch properties easily.
Auto filtering takes the time and labor out of finding useful switch and port statistics. Health, operation, and environmental statistics are a mouse click away. Quickly find basic switch information, fan and power supply information, IP network information, and so on.
Configuration and zoning wizards take ease-of-use one step further making a switch that is already easy to configure and zone even easier. Prompts guide the user through screens to quickly configure and zone a switch.
Switch and fabric event monitoring and alerting provide the users with views of monitored events and alerts that can be configured and sent to management applications through SNMP.

Diagnostic Tools

As an essential tool for troubleshooting fabric problems, Fibre Channel Fabric Ping verifies that a functional path exists between two-ports and provides round-trip information. Administrators determine which ports and devices are responding - allowing the administrator to zoom in on the problem.
Fibre Channel Trace Route determines the path of communication between the two devices. FC Ping used in conjunction with FC Trace Route gives the administrator a powerful tool to pinpoint fabric connectivity problems and diagnose performance issues.
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring provides transceiver data and health status. Set policies and trigger alarms based on power, temperature, voltage and current of the transceiver. Predict potential failures or isolate existing problems in the fabric.

Unique Capabilities

mPort® technology allows users to choose which license ports are active (H-series with less than 20 enabled ports). De-activate one to four of the high-speed stacking ports and enable the equivalent number of device ports. The administrator decides which ports are active based on their fabric needs.
Robust online help provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions to minimize time to resolution and maximize administrator efficiency.
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