Do you need to gather and track historical system information for your HP 3PAR Storage Systems? HP 3PAR System Reporter Software is a flexible, intuitive, web-based performance and capacity management tool that aggregates fine-grained performance and capacity usage data for HP 3PAR Storage Systems, regardless of location. The highly customizable, robust reporting offers straightforward report sharing and report scheduling which simplifies performance monitoring and assists in gathering data for optimization and planning.

System Reporter enables quick troubleshooting and isolation of performance issues minimizing business impact. System Reporter proves particularly useful for service providers and enterprises about detailed information for service level administration.

The ability to create reports by user group supports chargeback and meeting service level agreements. Works with HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software to enable policy management of autonomic storage tiering resources.

What's new

  • Support for Microsoft SQL as a System Reporter database repository
  • Increased flexibility with the ability to set different data retention period for each of the arrays managed by System Reporter
  • Improved capacity planning by reporting free space available for the volumes to grow for each Common Provisioning Group (CPG)
  • Enhancement to the Adaptive Optimization graph with the Excel client


Delivers Powerful, Customizable Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Capabilities

The HP 3PAR System Reporter Software tracks performance and capacity utilization trends for multiple HP 3PAR Storage Systems regardless of their physical location.

System Reporter Software allows a broad range of report customizations and groupings for service level agreement (SLA) and chargeback support.

System Reporter Software provides information on how to optimize and plan future configuration changes to improve infrastructure investments.

Simplifies Information Gathering and Storage Capacity Management

The HP 3PAR System Reporter Software provides detailed, information-rich historical reports and both tabular and pictorial charting for ease of analysis.

System Reporter Software simplifies reporting and supports report sharing using a Web browser or optional Microsoft® Excel client.

System Reporter Software gives users the ability to schedule highly customizable, automatically generated reports.

Delivers Robust, Proactive Performance Analysis

The HP 3PAR System Reporter Software alerts users when specified performance thresholds are reached.

System Reporter Software provides a set of pre-defined reports for easy and quick viewing of capacity and performance.

System Reporter Software helps quickly troubleshoot and isolate performance issues to minimize business impact.

Provides Policy Management for Autonomic Storage Tiering

The HP 3PAR System Reporter Software supports clients using HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software, enables policy management of autonomic storage tiering resources.

System Reporter Software collects and analyzes access rates at a sub-volume level and relays this information to the Adaptive Optimization Software.

System Reporter Software enables users to specify policies that guide Adaptive Optimization Software in moving sub-volume level data between storage tiers.

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