What I can do to improve the capacity efficiency of my legacy storage volumes without complex data migration or professional services? HP 3PAR Thin Conversion Software leverages the zero-detection capabilities within the HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC to drive the conversion of inefficient, “fat” volumes on legacy arrays to more efficient, higher utilization “thin” volumes on HP 3PAR Storage Systems. This “thinning” of volumes enables data centers to meet Green IT targets, eliminate wasted space, and increase utilization rates.

Because the fat-to-thin conversion mechanism is built into array hardware, volume conversions take place inline, at wire speeds, while preserving service levels, and without disruption to production workloads. With Thin Conversion, a technology refresh no longer requires a terabyte-for-terabyte replacement, but instead offers the opportunity to reduce capacity requirements by 50 percent or more without the need to invest in professional services.


Drives up Storage Efficiency

With HP 3PAR Thin Conversion Software, a technology refresh no longer requires a terabyte-for-terabyte replacement but instead offers the opportunity to shrink capacity requirements simply and rapidly.

Leverages the HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC and Thin Engine—a unique virtualization mapping engine for space reclamation—to drive the simple and rapid conversion of inefficient, “fat” volumes on legacy arrays to higher utilization volumes on any HP 3PAR Storage System.

Effectively “thins” legacy storage volumes to 50 percent of their original size or less by while preserving service levels and without impacting production workloads.

Enables customers that did not start thin by deploying thin provisioning from the outset to leverage the inherent efficiencies of thin provisioning by becoming thin, both simply and cost-efficiently.

Helps reduce capacity costs as volumes are consolidated in conjunction with data center virtualization; as VMware Storage vMotion migrates data from legacy systems, Thin Conversion maps out deleted space from old virtual machines to save more space for new and growing applications.

Quick and Easy Deployment

With HP 3PAR Thin Conversion Software, hardware-accelerated conversion dramatically reduces volume migration timeline from months to hours.

Does not require special host software or professional services.

Allows customers undergoing a storage refresh to reduce data center environmental impact by migrating from legacy arrays to hyper-efficient, next-gen storage.

Simple three-step process involves using existing volume manager or file system to zero out deleted data before activating Thin Conversion on the HP 3PAR Storage System and then using Thin Conversion to initiate automated migration of legacy volumes to the new array.

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