What good are thin provisioning savings if they can’t be preserved over time? An industry first, HP 3PAR Thin Persistence Software means that thin volumes on the HP 3PAR Storage System stay as lean and efficient as possible by leveraging the HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC to reclaim unused space associated with deleted data—simply, quickly, and non-disruptively. Writing and deleting large amounts of data can leave unused space within thin volumes.

Even lots of small writes and deletions can eventually reduce the efficiency of thin volumes. This logical deletion of data without actually freeing up unused space creates a hidden utilization penalty that can really add up over time.

HP 3PAR Thin Persistence Software reclaims this unused space to increase capacity efficiency, keep costs down, and help defer the purchase of additional capacity to handle new data growth. Thin Persistence also helps enterprises maintain sustainability targets by keeping down data center power and cooling needs.

What's new

  • Reclaims greater amounts of allocated, but unused capacity for reuse by other volumes. It does this by intelligently evacuating "used" 16KB pages out of sparsely populated 128MB regions.


Preserves High Storage Capacity Utilization Levels Over Time

HP 3PAR Thin Persistence Software leverages the unique Thin Built In hardware capabilities of the HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC to drive the ongoing, inline “thinning” of volumes at wire speeds while preserving service levels and preventing disruption to production workloads

Uses the zero-detection capability embedded in the Gen3 ASIC to reclaim unused space associated with data deleted from storage volumes

Hardware-based mechanism accelerates time required to reclaim allocated but unused space

Increases Storage Efficiency To Deliver Ongoing Cost Savings

HP 3PAR Thin Persistence Software produces significant savings on both capital and operating costs by extending the benefits of HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning and Thin Conversion Software to keep capacity requirements low

Helps customers defer the cost of purchasing raw capacity to handle new data growth by freeing up allocated but unused capacity that can be used to store new application data

Eliminates the requirement for special host software or professional services aimed at maximizing capacity utilization levels

Helps customers achieve and maintain sustainability targets by minimizing data center power and cooling requirements as a result of eliminating unnecessary physical capacity

Extends Thin Benefits Through Integration with Partner Products

HP 3PAR Thin Persistence Software works with partner products building out a thin ecosystem that extends the benefits of thin technologies to other areas of the data center, including the industry’s first database storage reclamation solution

Enables Oracle Database 10g and 11g customers using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) to reclaim allocated but unused disk space using HP 3PAR Thin Persistence Software and the new Oracle ASM Storage Reclamation Utility (ASRU)

Delivers performance benefits while eliminating the capacity tradeoffs associated with the highest-performing VMDK format, Eager Zeroed Thick

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