HP StoreVirtual VSA transforms your server’s internal or direct-attached storage into a fully-featured shared storage array without the cost and complexity associated with dedicated storage. StoreVirtual VSA is a hypervisor and hardware agnostic virtual storage appliance optimized for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and OpenStack environments.

It creates a virtual array within your application server and scales as storage needs evolve. The ability to use a variety of internal storage within your environment greatly increases capacity utilization while the robust scale-out architecture provides the capability to add storage capacity on-the-fly without compromising performance. The VSA’s built-in high availability and disaster recovery features ensure business continuity for the entire virtual environment. A straightforward and simple management console allows the administrator to manage all StoreVirtual products, physical and virtual, regardless of their physical location.

What's new

  • Space reclamation: transition unused storage from a LUN and return it to the storage pool to maximize your data storage
  • For Microsoft: enhanced ease of management for Microsoft Hyper-V environments. New VSA deployment and installment capabilities built within System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) plug-in
  • For VMware: enhanced deployment and installment capabilities for VSA within vCenter plug-in. New multi-pathing iSCSI capability for stronger load balancing.
  • For OpenStack: enhanced Cinder drivers in Icehouse release for the latest generation of StoreVirtual systems. New REST API capabilities improve management.
  • For KVM: now offering support for VSA deployment within KVM hypervisor
  • Adaptive Optimization: sub-volume tiering automation for unpredictable workloads. Create tiers from any type of storage: SAS, SATA, SSD; internal or external


Deploy Storage without Buying Storage

Build enterprise level SAN functionality into your server infrastructure to deliver lower cost of ownership and superior ease of management. Breathe new life into your existing servers using StoreVirtual VSA to convert disks in your servers into a new tier of storage.
StoreVirtual VSA is hypervisor independent, hardware agnostic and federated, autonomic storage. VSA runs on virtually any x86 based hardware and any form of storage regardless of vendor, allowing the reuse of older equipment or the efficient optimization of newly acquired servers.
Lower your cost of flash storage implementation by using StoreVirtual VSA with solid-state drives (SSDs). Create an all-flash tier with VSA for maximum performance or use the StoreVirtual Adaptive Optimization feature to automatically migrate data that needs the best performance to a higher tier.
For remote offices, StoreVirtual VSA can provide fully featured shared storage, disaster recovery and centralized management for both your main site and at your remote sites at a fraction of the cost of purchasing dedicated storage hardware for all locations.
With tens of thousands of systems deployed in production, HP StoreVirtual VSA is the solution trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike to deliver enterprise storage features without a SAN.

Hardware-Defined Feature Set within Software-Defined Storage

Scale-out storage architecture allows the consolidation of internal and external disks into a pool of shared storage. All available capacity and performance is aggregated and accessible to every volume in the cluster. As storage needs grow, StoreVirtual VSA can scale out while remaining online.
Address rapidly growing demands of cloud services by SMBs. Create a tier of storage within your environment that’s easy to deploy and manage. Reduce infrastructure costs by using KVM and our enhanced Cinder driver for OpenStack or the HP Helion OpenStack distribution which includes StoreVirtual VSA.
Avoid data loss and downtime. Create availability zones within your environment across racks, rooms, buildings, and cities that provide seamless application high availability with transparent failover and failback—automatically.
Optimize the use of your capacity with space reclamation, adaptive optimization, reservationless snapshots, and thin provisioning. For hybrid tiers, Adaptive Optimization provides intelligent and automatic monitoring of data and places the hottest pages on faster storage.
Business continuity is key for productivity at both main and remote sites. Stretch a VSA cluster over multiple sites for resiliency to common outages – even a complete server failure. Or connect back to the main data center via your IP network to protect remote sites against complete outages.

Federated Workload Balancing and Management

With federation and autonomic management, you can seamlessly scale-out as your storage needs grow over time. VSA will not constrict you to siloes of storage that don’t interact well with the rest of your environment- instead they non-disruptively respond to constantly changing demands.
Whether you are adding/retiring an array or simply running upgrades, StoreVirtual eliminates downtime/service interruptions to keep your operation running smoothly. Add more internal storage capacity to the cluster by simply adding servers with StoreVirtual VSA installed. No external SAN required.
Easy to use installation wizards guide you through the deployment of HP StoreVirtual VSA on all supported hypervisors. Use free plug-ins for VMware vCenter and Microsoft Systems Center to centrally deploy and administer both VMs and storage.
All StoreVirtual VSA nodes in your environment, onsite or across multiple sites, can be managed and updated from the Centralized Management Console (CMC) for simple, easy-to-manage storage.
The StoreVirtual portfolio offers the same features across both StoreVirtual hardware appliance and StoreVirtual VSA software. With built-in Peer Motion functionality, StoreVirtual can seamlessly and non-disruptively migrate or replicate data across clusters of virtual and physical arrays.
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