Are security and performance concerns standing in the way of infrastructure consolidation? The HPE 3PAR Security Software Suite provides up to 1024 secure virtual private arrays and compliance with both internal and external governance policies. Delivers secure access and improved storage services for separate applications and user groups, while providing an efficient and cost-effective way to comply with data retention requirements, for example, complying with internal governance polices or eDiscovery.

This unified security offering allows both internal and external storage service providers a secure consolidated environment and the flexibility and efficiently of protecting data from intentional or unintentional deletion. It delivers customized and secure storage to multiple administrators, applications, and departments, while retaining the benefits of storage consolidation, knowing that data cannot be deleted.


Secure Virtual Private Arrays with Cost-Effective Compliant Data Retention

The HPE 3PAR Security Software Suite enables up to 1024 secure, virtual private arrays within a single HPE 3PAR Storage system to deliver multiple autonomous, secure, and policy-based virtual systems within a single massively-scalable utility storage system.

Comply with internal governance policies and procedures while providing a foundation for performing electronic discovery (eDiscovery).

Allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of storage consolidation, including greater resource utilization, reduced administration, centralized backup and reduced energy and floor space consumption.

Once locked, specified storage volumes and copies cannot be deleted, even by an HPE 3PAR StoreServ system administrator with the highest user privilege level.

Improved Quality-of-Service (QoS) Levels

The HPE 3PAR Security Software Suite delivers a policy-based, virtual implementation that preserves the benefits of massively distributing and sharing each application workload across all system resources (ports, processors, cache, loops, and disk drives).

Secure, virtual implementation means that authorized users only have access to their domains and logical elements to which they have been granted access by an administrator, allowing you to deliver customized and secure storage by department or application.

Ideal for internal or external service providers that must enable secure, consolidated, independent storage services to multiple administrators, applications, departments, and customers.

Control your Security and Retention Simply and Easily

The HPE 3PAR Security Software Suite allows a user-configurable retention period that enables individual storage volumes or copies to be locked for a specified period of time.

During the retention period set by the administrator through the software, read access to volumes and copies are allowed, but deletions are prohibited, making your data “tamper proof”.

Prevents deliberate or inadvertent presentation of a volume outside its virtual domain, thereby protecting authorized administrators against errors and aiding compliance efforts.

Enables simple storage administrative tasks and monitoring tools to be turned over to system and application administrators in a “self-service” model that drives time and cost savings.

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