Do the demands of an unpredictable workload have you looking for simple answers to data replication and recovery? The HP 3PAR Replication Software Suite protects your applications, data, and your business from the unpredictable by delivering simple, fast, and economical application data protection, transparent failover, and disaster recovery solutions. This software suite bundles HP 3PAR Virtual Copy, HP 3PAR Remote Copy, and HP 3PAR Peer Persistence to help you protect, share, and freely move data across data centers without impacting your business applications.

Uniquely flexible Remote Copy technology and efficient copy-on-write snapshot technology (Virtual Copy) allow you to affordably optimize both recovery point and recovery time objectives while Peer Persistence enables automated transparent failover across data centers. The intelligence and automation of the software suite’s offerings reduce complexity, human resource requirements, and potential errors at critical moments.

What's new

  • VMware vMSC certified HP 3PAR Peer Persistence Software provides transparent failover capability across data centers within Synchronous distances


Powerful Yet Agile and Simple Replication and Snapshot Software That Protects Your Data

Multi-use, multi-node disaster recovery that is set up, tested, and running in minutes from a single window.
vMSC certified automated transparent failover solution between sites at metropolitan distances.
Mirroring of data between any HP 3PAR StoreServ systems for reduced complexity.
Up to 2048 instantly available Point-in-Time (PIT) snapshots per base volume without affecting applications or performance.
Easy installation reduces the need for expensive service technicians to deliver a more affordable solution.

Highly Efficient and Flexible Implementation Saves You Money and Time

Synchronous or Asynchronous Periodic mode replication dramatically reduce the cost of data replication for a flexible and efficient multi-site disaster recovery.
Reservationless snapshots prevent the creation of allocated but unused capacity and autonomically frees up unused space following snapshot deletions to keep utilization high.
Thin-aware, point in time copies deliver unprecedented savings while protecting against any noticeable performance impact.
Supports native replication over Fibre Channel as well as existing IP network out-of-the-box to reduce service costs.
Snapshots of snapshots are supported for fast, flexible sharing of data sets without additional base volumes.

Simplify Disaster Recovery, Guard Against Risk with Enhanced User Control

Optional HP 3PAR Cluster Extension Software for flawless integration of 3PAR Remote Copy with high-availability server clustering solutions, giving you the ability to automatically recover from multiple points and reduce overall impact to your business.
Automated transparent failover maintains business continuity even in the event of a disaster.
HP Application Suites for VMware, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and Microsoft SQL maintain application-consistent snapshots on the target side to help you bring key applications online quickly in the event of a disaster.
Combine with 3PAR Optimization and Reporting Suites for affordable yet efficient disaster recovery solution with industry-leading data services.
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