HP StoreEver TapeAssure Advanced Software provides an intuitive, easy to use dashboard, and advance analytics feature for performance, health and utilization related to tape drives and cartridges. TapeAssure Advanced Software is well integrated into HP Command View TL Software for a single pane of glass management, monitoring and analytics.

HP TapeAssure Advanced Software provides a dashboard display with pie charts, live and historical graphs for performance, health and utilization data, and highlights issues in the tape infrastructure. Advanced analytics feature makes use of predictive analytics to predicts the likelihood of failures, bottlenecks and load balancing issues in the tape infrastructure.

It has unique capabilities of analytics around drive health and life as well as cartridge health and life. Analysis of drive/tape utilization forecast helps to plan hardware investments in a better way.

What's new

  • TapeAssure graphs for library parameters
  • TapeAssure Advanced support for MSL6480
  • Windows Server 2012 support


Analytics Software to Guarantee Better Performance, Health and Utilization of Tape Infrastructure

Mitigate the risks in device failures by analyzing the likelihood of device failures.

Plan the future hardware investments better by analyzing the bottlenecks in drive/tape utilization.

Helps to plan the data migration based on life of cartridges.

Performance Advisor

Performance Advisor helps to analyze the drive performance issues quickly.

Helps to quickly identify drives with lower/higher utilization.

Simplified Proactive Monitoring with the Help of Visual Dashboard

TapeAssure Advanced software delivers a dashboard display with pie charts, graphs to identify the bottlenecks/issues in the tape infrastructure quickly.

The TapeAssure Advanced Software has advanced reporting and charting options to monitor key performance, health and utilization indicators of tape drives and cartridges.

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