The Cisco MDS 9222i Multiservice Modular Fabric Switch brings flexible, high performance Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions often reserved for director class switches, to the department or remote branch office. This “all-in-one-box solution” has (18) 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel ports and (4) 1 Gb/s Ethernet IP storage services ports in the base unit, plus an open slot for modules capable of expanding up to (66) Fibre Channel ports with an optional 48 port 4 Gb/s module and shares a consistent architecture with the HP SN8000C and SN8500C Multilayer Directors allowing modules to be moved between these switches.

The MDS 9222i is backward compatible and future ready, providing outstanding investment protection. Integrating Fibre Channel 2, 4 and 10 Gb technology and IP Storage Services for iSCSI and FC over IP and other intelligent fabric applications services into a single system allows maximum flexibility for user configurations.


Versatile and Adaptable

The only fabric switch of its kind, the MDS 9222i is not just a Fibre Channel switch. It is a virtual storage network "Swiss Army knife". It is also an iSCSI router, FC to IP gateway for SAN extension, Encryption switch and host for intelligent network applications all rolled into one.
MDS 9222i Fabric Switch is a highly available solution that protects data with encryption from unauthorized access and keeps data private and protects the company’s reputation while meeting regulatory compliance and avoiding financial consequences of a security breach.
One box to manage with multi-functionality.
Higher port density with optional MDS 9000 Modules, more standard software features resulting in lower software support costs and fewer devices to manage.

Protects your Business Data While Protecting your Budget

Hardware-based data compression and tape acceleration enhance remote backup operations and allow more date to be transferred over WAN cost effectively. This allows a shift in budget from operations to innovations.
Future ready and backward compatible with all MDS 9000 switching modules. Supports 10 Gb/s performance plus FC and IP based protocols.
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