HP SN8000C Directors elevate the standard for director-class switches. Providing industry-leading availability, scalability, security, and management, the SN8000C C-series of Directors allow businesses to deploy the highest-performance SANs, with the lowest TCO in the industry.

Layering a rich set of intelligent features onto a high-performance, protocol-independent switch fabric, the SN8000C directors address the stringent requirements of large data center storage environments. The SN8000C Directors are available in 6-slot, 9-slot, and 13-slot configurations, the entire series supports 1Gb/s, 2Gb/s, 4Gb/s, 8Gb/s, and 10Gb/s Fibre Channel port speeds, up to 528 1/2/4/8-Gb/s autosensing Fibre Channel ports in a single chassis, and up to 1584 Fibre Channel ports per rack. The SN8000C Directors are also ready for integration of future high-speed standards, helping ensure continued investment protection.


Investment and Data Protection

Users can easily expand and deploy new technology on their SN8000C Directors as needs dictate.
Provides embedded Data Center Network Manager, Optional HP StoreFabric Data Center Network Manager License and integration with HP Management Essentials and CiscoWorks RME.
Delivers embedded diagnostics (Fibre Channel ping, trace route and protocol analyzer) and “Call Home” capabilities. Offers investment protection with multiple module options, all interchangeable across MDS 9000 line.
Provides non-disruptive software upgrades, stable process failover and hot swappable components.

Flexibility and Controlled Access are Key to Protecting your Data

Supports VSANs, hardware-enforced zoning, role-based access control, data encryption using IPsec for IP network links and access control lists.
Integrates Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCIP in one system, no separate boxes to manage.
Introduces Virtual SANs (VSANs) and Inter-VSAN routing for consolidation of isolated SAN islands on a single physical fabric.

SAN Consolidation

Offers 12 to 528 Fibre Channel ports; supports throughput up to 160GB in a single Port Channel ISL.
Supplies up to 8.4 Terabits of total internal bandwidth for integrated 4, 8 and 10GB Fibre Channel switching.
Provides open platform for hosting third party storage applications, such as virtualization.

Fully Tested with HP IT Solutions and can be Deployed with Confidence

Offers compatibility with a broad range of HP servers, as well as disk and tape storage devices.
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