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In this HPE newsletter, featured Gartner research says RASP is “transformational” and, they recommend “that Gartner clients evaluate emerging vendors and plan RASP adoption when RASP's level of maturity meets their policies.”

What is Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Doing for Fortify Application Defender customers?

Statistics show you probably have vulnerabilities in your production applications. And rapid deployment compounds the challenge.

Attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and others twist your applications into revealing data and doing harm. Finding the vulnerabilities is only half of the battle – fixing them can be challenging or impossible. Runtime Application Self-protection solutions like Fortify Application Defender can help you monitor application vulnerabilities and protect your enterprise until you can remediate the security flaws.

The common factor for many Application Defender customers is the need to buy time and gain control. As a compensating control, Application Defender can help you protect vulnerabilities while you decide when and how to best remediate them in the long term. For some, this virtual patch is used permanently.

Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study

App Defender enables DevOps

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The most frequent questions about RASP are

Where does it fit into my application security program?

Why RASP if I have a WAF?

What is the difference among RASP solutions?

How is Fortify Application Defender better than other RASP solutions?

  • 29 vulnerability categories and 60 logging categories
  • Context-sensitive for fewer false positives and greater instrumentation coverage
  • On-premise or SaaS
  • Point-wise protections and suppressions for surgical protection or white-listing
Integrates into your workflow
  • Send logging and exploit data to any SIEM or log manager
  • Integrated with Fortify on Demand – protect vulnerabilities with a click
  • Build app sec into your DevOps toolchain via RESTful API’s and Swagger integration
Architected for success (proven architecture)
  • Performance that does not disrupt your application’s purpose
  • Dial-up or dial-down the degree of inspection.
  • Containers simplify enterprise-wide deployment
Protection from the Inside: Application Security Methodologies Compared

Understanding RASP vs WAF

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Protection inside out - how HPE Application Defender changes the AppSec game

Context-sensitive instrumentation

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Application Defender Benefits

  • Install quickly and easily with a three-step deployment, get protection up and running in minutes
  • Out-of-the-box protection via preconfigured vulnerability detection rules
  • Efficiently manage, report and scale on-premise or in the cloud
  • Faster time to remediation with line-of-code detail for security issues
  • Actionable information through interactive dashboards and real time alerting
  • Continuous security monitoring of actual attacks to pinpoint vulnerabilities for protection or remediation
  • Flexible output to enable SOC to see application security logs and software vulnerability exploits
  • Configurable reporting for risk prioritization and communicating across the organization
  • Stop attacks or security violations categorically or granularly, using context from inside the application with a click of a button
  • Runtime application self-protection (RASP) with real time analysis of application logic and data flows to see threats invisible to network security
  • Accurately distinguish between an actual attack and a legitimate request, greatly improving protection accuracy and reducing the chance of false positives


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