No matter your industry focus, HP Big Data technology helps you become more efficient, increase profits and better adapt to a changing environment. It does this by extracting contextual meaning from any data source, analyzing data in real-time at extremely high volumes and quickly delivering intelligent actionable information.

Featured Big Data Innovation

Industry Solutions

  • Financial: Leverage advanced analytics to analyze and make informed decisions in near real time with unparalleled efficiency, performance and scalability. You can achieve compliance, reduce the possibility of penalties, become more efficient, understand your customers better, predict future performance, handle data divergence and increase profits.
  • Government: Build flexible infrastructures that manage, secure and analyze massive volumes of data so you can respond successfully to compliance, budget shortfalls and struggling economies even during times of adverse social, economic or natural disasters. Automate resource-intensive and mistake-riddled manual processes, improve services, empower smart cities and lower costs.
  • Healthcare: Manage the rapidly increasing volume of patient data. You can load and analyze massive amounts of data in near real time to detect fraud, remain compliant, accelerate ad hoc queries and reports, and develop models to lower cost, improve service quality and gain medical research insights.
  • Telecommunications: Better understand the behaviors and expectations of your subscribers, and develop services and applications to enhance their experiences and reduce churn. Leverage Big Data to increase upsell and cross-sell, determine investment criteria and maintain network stability.
  • Web 2.0 and Gaming: Mine user behavior and social networks for effective game development and monetization, and leverage a real-time decision engine for testing. You can explore user behavior on a per customer interaction basis, and make informed decisions with unparalleled efficiency, performance and scalability.
  • Retail: Make accurate, data-driven decisions based on a complete view of consumers and their actual purchase patterns by leveraging insights driven by rich analytics into products, promotions, price and distribution management. Drive multichannel marketing, deliver one-to-one targeted content and increase consumer satisfaction.


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