Our Security Expertise

The objective of our security experience program is to provide all levels of our product teams (executives, product management, R&D, QA and operational staff) with the necessary competencies required to handle any security threats they encounter in their daily jobs. Our method of education and training provides relevant expertise to deal with today's complex threat landscape and is delivered through our learning experience model built from the following steps:

sw | learning experience model diagram

1. Discover

Creating security culture: ongoing awareness events & security campaigns 
Security is in your domain: security training courses & seminars 
Share our knowledge: establishing organizational security knowledge center

2. Master

Expend your skills: security certifications for R&D teams
Why does security matter: real life security threats simulations by industry lead experts
Give it a try: appointing product security champions leaders

3. Enablement

Solve problems faster: easy to reach security Knowledge center
Stay connected: Constant Security news publications and updates
Up and running: best practices Security development guidelines for R&D

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