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A SaaS solution for cloud, mobile and web monitoring

HP Performance Anywhere empowers business & IT to increase web, cloud (SaaS) and mobile application availability by 50%. As a SaaS-based synthetic web monitoring service with an intuitive self-guided interface, deployment and administrative headaches are virtually eliminated. As a result, you get better application availability & performance and you optimize your ability to acquire clients, drive online business and keep your employees engaged.
Increased speed

Increased speed

  • Web monitoring for revenue generating services
  • Predictive analytics enables you to detect performance issues quickly
  • Collaboration capability to quickly diagnose the issue
Unparalleled visibility

Unparalleled visibility

  • Visibility into cloud, mobile & web performance
  • Web monitoring from HP's SaaS points of presence to understand your consumers performance across the globe
  • Visibility into cloud, mobile & web application via synthetic monitoring
Enterprise agility

Enterprise agility

  • Quickly diagnose cloud, mobile & web performance issues
  • Enter defects automatically via direct integrations to HP Application Lifecycle Manager / Quality Center & HP Agile Manager
  • Share production performance insight with development to continuously improve application performance
HP Mobile Application Performance Monitoring
With much of today's business happening on the move, you need to be prepared for new challenges. How do you stay current, connected, and competitive? HP's Performance Anywhere can help you stay on top of your game.
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