Helping organizations improve return on their software investments

Enterprises invest heavily in the software needed to run the business, but surprisingly few actively manage their software environment. This can result in unauthorized purchases, incomplete knowledge of software in use and inability to track compliance or renewal licenses.

HP Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS) help your organization make the most of your software investments. HP SLMS enables cost-effective software acquisition, better control of software throughout your organization and compliance with vendor licensing requirements.

HP presence in more than 80 countries provides worldwide support for global organizations. Our fully trained, dedicated staff supports best-in-class business practices, and they are available right in your region.

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you acquire and manage software

HP Software Licensing and Management Solutions provide three services:

  • Software Licensing Services—Lets global or domestic enterprises source hundreds of software solutions from one trusted advisor. Our consultants work with you and each software publisher to acquire software quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Advisory Services—Helps you develop a comprehensive software asset management strategy and supports it with key services throughout the software lifecycle. These services include:
    • Software Licensing Advisory Services for Cloud: Understand the software licensing options when moving between on-premise and off-premise
    • Software Licensing Advisory Services for Enterprise: Comprehend the relationship between your corporate IT strategy, software publishers licensing and technology roadmaps
    • Software Licensing Advisory Services for Hosting: Advise Managed Service Providers when developing a licensing strategy for client cloud solutions based on mix of Service Provider licensing agreements, outsourcer enrollments, existing licensing mobility rights and licensing preferences
    • Software Licensing Advisory Services for Workload: Plan for the extensive changes recently announced for popular software products and vendor workloads
    • Software Licensing Advisory Services for Software Asset Management (SAM): Immediate help to determine compliance or become more proactive about managing software assets
  • Software Asset Management (SAM)—Allows you to effectively monitor and manage desktop and server software assets while enabling compliance. The service provides:
    • Information on hardware and software assets
    • Enhanced recognition of installed software
    • Ongoing recognition of all applications including those developed in house
    • Software contract and purchase data validation
    • Linkage of upgrades and support to base product and contract
    • Interpretation of complex vendor rules
    • Simple reporting