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Applications transformation is a major focus for many organizations today.

The challenge for many IT organizations is that they not only have disparate views of their priorities, needs and issues, but it can be a time consuming task for senior IT leaders to come together to reach common ground on their needs, and an understanding of the best way to address their issues.

Gartner says “ In many organizations, application portfolios have grown beyond the IT organization's ability to effectively manage in a budget-constrained environment. Application overhaul helps develop an approach to creating a portfolio that will meet changing business requirements as well as the constraints of the IT budget. The key to application overhaul is that firms need to figure out what they have, how big the problem is, and how they will address it going forward.”

We have a way to help you accelerate that process of reaching common ground. It is a one day HP Applications Transformation Experience Workshop. It’s very effective, and we have a number of clients who have made use of this for their own benefit.

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Understand how applications transformation can positively impact your business, enhance your strategic role in the organization, learn more about what it will take to get started, and actually start the work of defining your own applications transformation roadmap.

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Applications Transformation Experience

Simulate an entire application journey. This unique, slide-free, practical workshop takes you through twelve stages, examining the capabilities and assets that are essential to the successful transformation of your application portfolio.

Applications Transformation Experience Workshop  (694 KB, PDF)

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Application Transformation Experience Video

Application Transformation Experience Video