Step-by-step tracking of critical paths anywhere

HP TransactionVision software provides transaction management and tracking at every second of the day, spanning complex distributed and mainframe environments. It provides comprehensive transaction management that enables you to track and confirm the path, step-by-step timing of each transaction, and the content or payload of each. With HP TransactionVision, you can track a single transaction across complex application environments into the mainframe, gain visibility and control—and understand the impact of critical transactions on business outcomes so you can properly support the larger organization.


Key benefits

  • Transaction management to reduce time to problem isolation and resolution
  • Tracking of synchronous and asynchronous transactions and every processing step
  • Transactions are followed across distributed and mainframe infrastructures
  • Automatic correlation of application events with business transactions
  • Technical and business data collection for each business transaction, in context

Financial impact of app issues

HP TransactionVision allows organizations to monitor each and every transaction as it traverses their environment. When there is an application issue, TV can assess its business impact.

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