Accelerate private cloud adoption to address common IT issues

managed services for private cloud

While a dedicated private cloud may address their security and availability concerns, adopting an in-house private cloud creates new challenges for internal IT, like increased IT complexity, huge learning curves, lengthy deployment times and large upfront costs.

For many organizations, building a private cloud is a high priority. But, Forrester research states that internal private cloud deployments are falling short of expectations - revealing a clear lack of understanding about what it takes to build and operate such solutions. Resource constraints and technology complexity have contributed to these failed attempts.

HP Helion Managed Private Cloud helps you get to a private cloud solution faster, while remaining productive from a day-to-day operations standpoint. We’re able to securely provide a unique converged infrastructure platform for consolidation, virtualization and automation of your server, storage and network resource pools and introduce IT flexibility into an inflexible environment with speed and effectiveness.

We offer a purpose-built, pre-integrated solution using market-leading HP hardware, software and services, supported by thousands of experienced cloud consultants and IT experts with 1000+ unique CloudSystem implementations and more than 200 managed cloud clients. Backed by a “system-level” SLA, our solution provides a solid foundation for enterprises to package and deliver their own IaaS, PaaS or SaaS to meet internal or external customer IT requirements.

Increase utilization and reduce costs via a shared IT services model

Let us help you spread your IT costs across the organization – enabling your internal customers to provision, use and buy only what they need from your shared pool of resources.

Underutilized, decentralized IT assets are commonplace within most enterprises, but shared IT service models are not. HP Helion Managed Private Cloud offers internal IT brokers the ability to securely and confidently address multi-departmental infrastructure requirements using a single cloud solution. Our private cloud solution can address legacy equipment replacement requirements, accelerate internal efforts to consolidate, virtualize and automate workloads, and enable IT to serve the needs of multiple internal organizations via a single, centralized “shared IT services” model.

We centralize IT assets enabling you to consume and share the expense of physical or virtual compute, storage, network and backup resources across multiple departments. This creates the foundation for an enterprise-wide shared IT services model, enabling the CIO or IT manager to become the broker of IT services for their organization – improving IT resource utilization, reducing IT costs, and improving IT scalability and flexibility.

Our solution enables centralized IT governance, IT provisioning, metering and billing for multiple departments across your organization via a single solution.


Broker IT services for your enterprise

HP Helion Managed Private Cloud leverages our Aggregation Platform for SaaS (AP4SaaS) software to enable you to broker services from inside and outside your organization. AP4SaaS serves as a mediation layer between the internal service provider's systems, the cloud services consume and offer, and their end customers' environments.

HP’s Aggregation Platform for Software as a Service is the key to managing multi-departmental requirements and consolidating cloud (PDF 653 KB)


Jump-start your journey to private cloud

HP Helion Managed Private Cloud accelerates adoption of dedicated private clouds using our resources and Converged Cloud technology to design, build, and manage a complete, shared IaaS solution for enterprise applications.

Solution features include:

  • 100% dedicated, managed, complete IaaS solution (compute, storage, network, backup, security, facilities, portal, cloud operations) running in client, HP or 3rd Party data centers
  • Standard, base (and scale-out) infrastructure configurations, wrapped with consumption-based services to meet customer IT and support needs
  • A standard, Web-based Customer Portal enables internal IT or business groups to provision physical or virtual compute, storage, network and backup resources in a self-service fashion.
  • Complete “system-level” enterprise-class SLA to support your enterprise applications
  • Aggregation Platform for SaaS enables multi-departmental shared IT services model and supports multivendor cloud services brokering and management

HP Helion Managed Private Cloud provides ongoing management services in support of our complete, integrated and open cloud platform: HP CloudSystem. We provide a fully managed, dedicated private cloud solution for an enterprise – complete with a solid technical solution, ongoing management and infrastructure lifecycle services, and a standard self-service user portal for infrastructure and service provisioning. The offering bundles hardware, software, consulting, operations and support into a single service/solution with one common central management environment.


Deliver a secure, enterprise-class application environment

While certain cloud delivery models may be better suited for some workloads than others, organizations can run any workload on their dedicated private cloud environment. Our clients are using CloudSystem-based private cloud solutions to consolidate, virtualize and centralize management of all types of business applications. ERP applications, custom developed applications, internal and external web sites, test and development environments, messaging and collaboration applications, virtual desktop solutions and databases are some of the workloads running on managed private cloud solutions.

HP and the County of San Diego drive innovation (1:55 minutes)

We are helping the 5th largest U.S. county to "live their vision" as they implement a private cloud solution and leverage services to free its District Attorney juvenile court system from paper to gain real-time information to serve justice.

Are your applications suited to run in the cloud? If not, how do you transform those applications to run in the cloud?

HP Applications Suitability Mapping for Cloud At-A-Glance (PDF 345 KB)

Applications Transformation To Cloud Services At-A-Glance (PDF 734 KB)


Better serve your enterprise with a private cloud solution

Private clouds increase IT flexibility and scalability, driving innovation for your business and customers. With this offering, your enterprise can become an efficient, flexible broker of IT services.

Access our cloud expertise:

  • Leverage our vast experience in managing complex IT systems, our arsenal of cloud experts, and our investment in cloud to help you reduce up front cloud expenditures, avoid huge learning curves and reduce potentially lengthy deployment times.
  • Reduce risks related to ongoing management, changes and upgrades by leveraging our automation expertise, certified cloud professionals and 50 years of experience managing enterprise-class environments to manage the infrastructure
  • We provide a single source of cloud coordination and accountability

Maintain IT security and compliance with a private cloud:

  • Determine the location of your private cloud implementation and data
  • Keep your infrastructure at a secure, next-generation HP data center or behind your own firewalls
  • Sustain a consistent, protected environment by leveraging our standard IT security policies and practices

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