Rapid vulnerability identification and resolution

With HP Fortify Software Security Center Server, your security and development teams can quickly triage and fix vulnerabilities identified by HP static and dynamic analyzers. A collaborative web-based workspace and repository let them work together using role-specific interfaces. Detailed reference information, delivered to developers, describes problems and gives detailed instructions for fixing them—in the programming language used for the code in question. So your developers learn about secure coding practices while fixing vulnerabilities.

Key features

  • Speed triage, audit and testing with central test result access and visibility
  • Get siloed teams to collaborate on resolving security issues
  • Provide a clear, accurate picture of software risk across your enterprise
  • Identify areas for improvement to accelerate the reduction of risk and expense

HP Fortify Software Security Center

A suite of tightly integrated solutions for identifying, prioritizing, and fixing security vulnerabilities in software. It automates key processes of developing and deploying secure applications. It helps you resolve software vulnerabilities integrating vulnerability analysis across the entire software life cycle—from development to QA testing and even deployed applications.


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