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HP Agile Accelerator
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HP Atalla Information Protection and Control (IPC) solutions classify valuable information assets, apply data protection policies to sensitive information and federate those policies and classifications across your enterprise seamlessly. HP IPC offers complete data protection of sensitive unstructured data with context-aware orchestration. It protects crucial corporate data sent via email without the need for user intervention and enhances the visibility of sensitive data and its usage – creating an enterprise-wide mapping of sensitive data usage and secure collaboration.

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Key features

  • Identification and automatic classification of sensitive data, regardless of origin
  • Cross Border Protection enables the systems to recognize not only who accesses the data, but also where it is accessed
  • Ensure segregation of duties and governs visibility over sensitive data usage
  • Secure collaboration on protected emails and attachments over mobile devices

HP Atalla IPC Suite

HP Atalla IPC Suite delivers easily implemented and cost-effective solutions for your organizational information classification and protection needs. HP Atalla IPC Suite includes management software, reporting and analytics, modules for file and folder protection, application data protection, mail protection and multi-format unstructured data.


HP Atalla IPC Bridge for Content Inspection Services

HP Atalla IPC Bridge for Content Inspection Services enables enterprise content management (ECM), data leakage protection (DLP), antivirus and other enterprise IT solutions to inspect, index and classify encrypted content, preserving investment in existing system.

HP Atalla IPC Bridge for Content Inspection Services ensures continuing productivity and access to key enterprise data, while maintaining the highest level of data security.


HP Atalla IPC Compliance Service for Exchange - Server

HP Atalla IP Compliance Service for Exchange-Server provides the ability to decrypt protected emails and attachments for archiving and compliance purposes. It is deployed on Microsoft Exchange transport servers and managed centrally.


HP Atalla IPC Scanner

Unlike traditional solutions that attempt to control users, channels or storage, HP Atalla IPC Scanner protects data by uniquely embedding protection within the data itself at the moment of creation or initial organizational access. HP Atalla IPC Scanner on enterprise hosts instantly identifies and classifies all new, modified, or accessed sensitive data from any origin. This data, identified with zero false-positives, is persistently tagged, enabling absolute control over access and usage.


HP Atalla IPC Mobile Support for AD-RMS

Our IPC Mobile Support for AD-RMS solution extends Microsoft AD Rights Management Services capabilities to mobile devices. It enables major mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, and Android to securely protect and consume AD RMS protected e-mails and attachments (including Office and PDF). This is achieved with no IT burden accompanied with end user’s simplicity.


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