HP Scrittura delivers full automation and management through a single application for post-trade operations and trade asset classes. Trades are automatically verified with flexible, easy-to-maintain solutions to support critical areas requiring strict accountability.

Key Benefits

  • Document automation: Powerful template-based document management can be configured and maintained by business users within the familiar interface of Microsoft Word. Electronic messaging transformation services support a variety of XML and legacy messaging formats such as DTCC Deriv/SERV, ICE eConfirm, SWIFT, Markitwire, and EFETNet.
  • Seamless communication: Integrate with multiple upstream systems such as OpenLink Endur, Murex, Calypso, and dozens of proprietary trading systems over any communications channel such as JMS, MQ Series, database, and file systems.
  • Review and approval: Back-office personnel can configure, customize, and automate the entire workflow process for complete trade operations management to enforce best practices and approved procedures.
  • Dispatch, track, and chase: Whether creating and dispatching electronic messages or paper documents, the outing, dispatch, tracking, and chasing of confirmations and supporting documents is handled in a consistent and reportable manner with a single audit trail.
  • Document and data capture: We combine best-in-class OCR and IDR to allow automatic extraction of key data from incoming confirmations. Direct integration to email and fax servers eliminates the need for additional infrastructure.


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