Manage the complete life cycle of professional work product for enhanced productivity, client service and governance

What Makes Us Different

Organizing and managing all the communications and content associated with professional work has never been more complicated - or more critical. You face unrelenting pressure to meet client demands for responsiveness, productivity and security yet several obstacles hinder your ability to effectively and efficiently serve your clients: Hundreds of disjointed communications - emails, texts, instant messages and voicemails - often locked in personal computers and mobile devices and inaccessible by other team members. Thousands of different documents attached to emails, stored locally, on servers and in the cloud, making it difficult to get a complete view of even simple, let alone complex, client issues. The result? Greater risk, lower client satisfaction and wasted time that could have been spent serving clients.

Enter iManage, the leader in work product management software. iManage enables you to easily and efficiently manage the complete work product lifecycle by organizing all client communications and content into secure, unified project workspaces, accessible from any device, anywhere, and securely sharable with partners and clients. With iManage, you can streamline the management of the complete life engagement lifecycle, enhancing productivity, reducing risk, improving responsiveness - and increasing client satisfaction.

Our Solutions

  • Manage and access all documents, emails and other communications streams in a single project-specific workspace, securely accessible from anywhere, on any device. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Lotus Notes lets users collaborate and work on projects in their authoring environment-of-choice and within a familiar workflow.

  • Easily extend workspaces to external parties and collaborators with fully integrated, secure file sharing and large email attachment delivery. Tight integration eliminates the need to move files between systems and delays due to site provisioning while still maintaining full governance over content, whether in the iManage cloud or on premises.

  • Gain greater insight into client issues and improve the quality of work product by leveraging powerful context-aware content search and analytics across hundreds of different software systems, databases and web sites.

  • Manage the long-term archiving and disposition of physical and electronic information in accordance with internal organizational policies and government regulatory requirements to reduce cost and enterprise risk.


  • Comprehensive

    Gives your professionals access to every email, voicemail and piece of content relevant to a client project in a single unified workspace from anywhere, on virtually any device. From content creation, search and collaboration to record retention and long-term archiving, iManage simplifies every stage of the engagement lifecycle.

  • Integrated

    Saves you valuable time and money by integrating complete work lifecycle management with leading professional services software vendors, including time and billing, ethical walls, process management, advanced editing tools, such as metadata scrubbing and document comparison, and authoring environments.

  • Flexible

    Enables you to manage content both on premises and in the cloud for optimum governance and agility. Available as either on-premise installed software or as a hybrid cloud service, iManage provides full functionality even when not connected to the Internet.

  • Trusted

    Provides assurance that your software investment is secure, backed by 18 years of market leadership by the largest independent software company focused exclusively on professional work product management.

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