Cut administrative costs, While Improving Quality of Care

Medicaid case management and communications are currently full of missed opportunities to improve relationships with constituents and educate beneficiaries in ways that improve quality of care. The importance of preventative care and high incidence of chronic illness among Medicaid recipients calls for more proactive and effective use of correspondence. HP Exstream can alleviate these pressures by providing a document automation solution in a single software platform for design through delivery of any document type.

Key Benefits of Medicaid Case Management

  • Deliver clear, relevant communications—easily insert tables, charts and graphs
  • Reduce call-center volume with fewer misunderstandings
  • Provide appointment reminder systems via email or SMS
  • Deliver correspondence in appropriate language, while archiving in English
  • Strengthen your brand and foster positive relationships with providers and constituents.

Take advantage of a single platform for Medicaid case management that provides more useful information to beneficiaries and enhances the quality of care. Contact us for more information.