Smart Meters Monitor Massive Amounts of Data

The rapidly advancing smart grid technology offers many enhancements for utility providers, but perhaps one of the most fundamental changes will be how utilities and consumers interact with each other. Utility providers will need to develop a strategy for managing and successfully utilizing the massive amounts of real-time data and presenting utility statements that offer actionable information. HP Exstream allows utilities to provide convenient, timely and understandable ways of delivering intelligent communication from the smart meters and related systems to the customers, so that they can make informed choices about energy consumption and ultimately drive customer behavior.

Key Benefits for Utilities:

  • Ensure compliant content is automatically included on correspondence
  • Reduce expensive call center queries with clear, explanatory messages on utility bills
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Improve clarity of customer-usage statistics with dynamic tables and charts
  • Personalize each customer touch point by integrating billing with CRM data