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Trends and Benefits of Multichannel Communications

Are you transitioning your customer communications from print to electronic delivery channels to drive new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and produce outstanding customer experiences? If not, you should be.

Kemal Carr, President of independent industry analyst firm Madison Advisors, presents the results from a recent Multi-Channel Delivery Market Study, current trends, drivers, and hurdles to meeting consumer expectations for electronic delivery while reducing the need to print and mail many types of customer communications.

HP experts discuss the benefits of multichannel communications and how HP Exstream can produce communications for multiple print and electronic channels from a single design and source of content. Your communications will be consistent, up-to-date, compliant, and relevant to your customer's needs; giving you a competitive advantage.

HP Exstream Updated Professional Services Offerings

In this webinar, we discuss the HP Exstream Professional Services offerings. We provide a review of our overall portfolio and our ability to provide global services to our customers as well as our service capabilities in the following areas:

  • Solution Advisory Services - Assessments and workshops that provide proactive advice, guidance, and recommendations to analyze and design the appropriate HP Exstream solutions.
  • Solution Delivery Services - Quick starts, conversion services, implementation services, enablement services and upgrade services that leverage a repeatable approach and best practices to deliver solutions that maximize returns, reduce risk and improve quality.
  • Education Services - Classroom and onsite training that empowers users to confidently leverage HP Exstream features and functionality

Enabling the Digital Migration

Every day more and more customers insist on instant access to all of their information and offers. Customers want more information instantly just as much as you want to save on print and production costs. At the same time, postal rate increases, manufacturing costs, and efficiency pressures are pushing you to move customers to electronic documents.

Learn how you can bring together some of your best business teams to enable the digital migration, while sharing content across print, Web, and other e-channels to maintain efficiency and consistency of communication across multiple platforms. Recognize the common challenges and opportunities in the great work of migrating customer communication applications from print to digital.

Migrate or Convert: What To Do About Unsupported Document Management Solutions.

At a time when insurers are seeking greater document management capabilities and efficiencies, many popular legacy platforms are being phased out by their manufacturers. CIOs and business unit heads need to find not only the most cost-effective and seamless transition to a new platform but they must also acquire better capabilities for delivering customized content -- they need to simultaneously improve service to levels that distributors and end customers increasingly demand, and streamline processes to cut inefficiency and permit internal professionals to focus on higher-value tasks. To achieve the best outcome, organizations must evaluate the relative merits of a range of possible options including extending the life of the legacy system as long as possible, migrating to a new platform by the legacy system's manufacturer, or dealing with the implementation and integration challenges of alternative systems from other manufacturers.

In this one-hour Insurance & Technology webcast you will learn about:

  • Document capabilities demanded in the marketplace today
  • The range of functionality across industry document automation solutions
  • The risks associated with migration and conversion strategies
  • Risk mitigation for document automation initiatives
  • The benefits of a single enterprise document automation solution

HP Exstream Technology Partners Help you Maximize Your Software Investment.

HP Exstream has many technology partners that can help broaden and strengthen your customer communications deployment. In this webinar, three partners join us to each spend 15 minutes discussing how their products help extend and increase the value of your HP Exstream solution. Featured partners include: SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft, ABA Dataprecise, and Silania Technology

Gore webinar: Slashing costs, reclaiming time - one insurer's simple secret.

In this webinar you'll learn how a major insurer and its agents significantly reclaimed time, increased workflow efficiencies, and decreased error rates.

By replacing a legacy system with HP Exstream's mature, proven, scalable enterprise document automation solution, the insurer was able to communicate more effectively with its customers. They were able to:

  • Slash the time needed to create letters from 20 minutes to 5 minutes, saving brokers approximately four hours daily.
  • Facilitate the mailroom being able to pool letters in a queue to be printed at one time, and merged with other documents going to the same client, to measurably increase efficiencies.
  • Reduce 133 letter templates to approximately 60, cutting back not only maintenance but also error rates from pulling the wrong template.

Humana saves over $10 million with targeted, relevant member communications.

Join experts from Humana, Inc., Forrester Research and HP to learn about key trends and initiatives driving member communications in the healthcare industry. Discover how some of these member communication trends and technologies are helping Humana save millions of dollars a year while boosting member satisfaction, retention rates and referral rates.

You'll also find effective and compelling ways to:

  • Retain customers and attract new ones
  • Shrink document design and production costs
  • Drive member behavior with targeted messaging and marketing information
  • Save millions with more effective document design