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Shamim Ahmed

Practice Director, Application Lifecycle & Testing
Area of expertise: Application Lifecycle & Testing


I can transform the management of your application lifecycle, including your processes, tools and people. This includes every aspect of your application lifecycle: portfolio management, requirements, development, testing and deployment. My services can reduce cost and cycle time of end-to-end application delivery by 30% or more.

What I Do for HP

One of the key aspects of my job is to innovate best practices so that our customers' ALM operations are more efficient and profitable. Equipped with HP's ALM solutions, I can help you streamline your application portfolio, build the correct set of requirements, deploy agile development practices, test and validate your applications for functionality, performance and security, and speed up overall application delivery.

For example, "Testing-as-a-Service" (TaaS) is just one of the new services we're offering. A novel approach to application testing, it gives customers to access to testing services on-demand, with easy-to-understand pricing models and built-in guarantees around the quality of the applications tested.

As with a lot of our services, TaaS increases customer flexibility, reduces costs and guarantees the quality of the application tested.

My Approach

It's important to meet in person with as many customers in a week as I can to better understand the challenges they face and design the right solutions. From there, I can blueprint customer solutions and other value add-on that improve effectiveness and accelerate speed to market.

My Background

I have more than 20 years of experience in years in large-scale application architecture, design and development, product development and research and development, large multi-shore project/program management, organizational quality management, and IT consulting.

With a gift for innovative thinking—as evidenced by two U.S. patents, an HP Innovator of the year award and several technical publications—and a passion for customer service, I have led the end-to-end engineering of large distributed computing, data management and digital media applications. I also incubated HP's quality consulting services business in 2002 and grew it to a multi-million dollar business in only three years.

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Watch Shamim in Action

Shamim Ahmed, Director HP ALM Services, stresses the importance of quality management for software lifecycle-oriented products, which ensures value-added services for HP Software customers.


Other ways to see my work

US Patent 6,647,432: Distributed framework for intertask communication between workstation applications

US Patent 6,073,139: Integrated Data Communication and Data Access System including Application Data Interface

Book: "Computer Aided Cooperative Product Development"

Article: The Circle-Polygon Paradox in the light of the Boundary Element Method, Journal of Computational Mathematics

A comparison of Object-Oriented Database Management Systems for Engineering Applications, Journal of Object Oriented Programming

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