June 2016. All of the following market share figures are for the 1st quarter of CY 2016- unless otherwise noted - and represent worldwide results as reported by the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for 1CQ16, June 2016.


Fact 1: Hewlett Packard Enterprise continues to lead in the worldwide server market by revenue. HPE is the undisputed #1 in worldwide revenue for the 9th consecutive quarter.

HPE was the only vendor of the top five to grow server revenue year-over-year (YoY):

HPE +3.5%, Dell -1.8%, IBM -32.9%, Lenovo -8.6%, Cisco -4.5% and ODM Direct -11.0%


Fact 2: For 14 consecutive years, 56 straight quarters, HPE is the #1 vendor in worldwide server shipments.

HPE shipped a server every 15 seconds in 1CQ16 (24x7) and shipped close to 1 in every 4 servers worldwide in 1CQ16. In the quarter HPE shipped 62,000 more servers than #2 Dell, 326,000 more servers than #3 Lenovo and 450,000 more than Cisco.


Fact 3: HPE leads the total Blade Server market with a #1 position in both revenue and units.

HPE continued to lead in total Blade server revenue worldwide in 1CQ16 growing revenue at +2.9% and units +4.5% while gaining share year-over-year. In the quarter HPE had a worldwide 40.0% revenue share (adding +1.4 percentage points year over year) and 40.4% unit share (adding +2.7 percentage points year over year).

#2 Cisco had a double digit decline in blade revenue -10.6% year over year and lost market share in both revenue (28.8%, - 3.2 percentage points year over year) and units (21.1%, - 3.7 percentage points year over year).

HPE has led the Blade server market in revenue and units for 9.5 years straight, 38 consecutive quarters.


Fact 4: HPE leads in Modular Servers (Combined Density Optimized and Blade servers).

In this new category HPE is #1 worldwide with a 34.4% revenue share which is 15.0 percentage points higher than #2 Cisco and 17.0 percentage points higher than #3 Dell.


Fact 5: HPE ProLiant is the x86 server market share leader in both revenue and units for 80 consecutive quarters, 20 consecutive years1.

Sustained market leadership is a hallmark of HPE ProLiant innovation. HPE’s #1 position for revenue share, 29.7%, is 8.2 points higher than #2 Dell and 21.5 percentage points more than #3 Lenovo.


Fact 6: HPE leads in EPIC+RISC Blade server revenue.

HPE Integrity blades maintained the #1 position in revenue for the RISC+EPIC blade segment with 91.5% worldwide share, gaining 12.2 percentage points year over year.


Fact 7: HPE is #1 in Windows® revenue and units worldwide.

HPE has a 35.1% revenue share of the Windows market and leads the nearest competitor, Dell, by 9.1 percentage points.


Fact 8: HPE is #1 in Linux® revenue and units worldwide.

HPE has a 20.3% revenue share of the Linux market and leads the nearest competitor, Dell, by 6.5 percentage points.


Fact 9: For the 3 major operating environments UNIX, Windows and Linux combined (representing 99.9% of all servers shipped worldwide), HPE is #1 worldwide in server revenue and unit shipments.

Learn more about Hewlett Packard Enterprise Servers: https://www.hpe.com/info/servers

  1. Includes Compaq ProLiant from 1Q96 through 2Q02 and HPE ProLiant from 3Q02 through 1Q16. Source for historic data: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker for 1Q16 June 2016.

  2. About the Real Story: The Real Story series communicates topical news and views in the world of computing, providing fact-based content on the story behind the story.