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Capture, connect and communicate information more efficiently – independent of source, type, channel or location – and build more productive and secure relationships with employees, constituents, and collaborative partners. Accelerate decision-making processes that support the mission of your agency by improving operational efficiency, securing information workflows, and reducing costs.

HP document workflow solutions for government

HP Forms and Document Automation Solution

Transform raw data into customized, compliant forms that can be easily distributed or printed to your HP LaserJet printers and MFPs on demand. Save paper, time, and reduce errors when you use digitized solutions instead of pre-printed forms.
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HP Document Capture Solution for Evidence of Identity

Augment workflows to meet state, provincial and federal citizen identity requirements. Help agencies meet requirements more efficiently and effectively with automation and standardization.
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HP Redaction Solution

Comply with privacy mandates by replacing manual, time-consuming processes with lower-cost and higher-productivity automation: scan and index documents directly to your workflow processes, including redaction queues.
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HP Contracts and Procurement Management Solution

Automate the paper-intensive process of vendor procurement and contracting to gain efficiencies within your agency’s protocol. Ensure compliance, increase security, improve quality, and speed up the management of contracts.
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HP Case Processing Accelerators

Reduce the risks of lost documents and scanning errors in your document archival and retrieval processes by capturing case-related documents right at the source. Digitize and upload data and documents to your EDMS/ECM in minutes versus days, and enhance the services you offer citizens.
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HP Constituent Communications Solutions

Significantly reduce the costs of interacting with citizens, vendors, and agency partners with a single solution for document design, creation and multi-channel delivery.
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