One-stop IT management for education

Protect teacher and student data

Protect student and teacher data with a unified security model across PCs and mobile devices.

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Rich with Features

Device Optimization

Avoid surprises by tracking device health and security policy enforcement and by ensuring software patches are installed. With HP Touchpoint Manager, school IT can quickly address risks to keep devices functional, and students and teachers productive1.

Security Enforcement

Enforce security policies and remotely secure devices with alerts and geo mapping capabilities.

Lifecycle Management

Make the most of your IT investments by planning ahead for hardware refreshes. Avoid surprises by tracking device health and quickly address issues to keep devices functional, and students and teachers productive.

Tools to manage IT from the classroom or away

A single solution with flexible licensing options gives you the tools to more efficiently manage your school IT.


1 Device Per User
Application Deployment1
Azure Active Directory
Battery Health1
Device Erase Bit Locker Encryption
Find Device1
Firewall Policy
Hard-Disk Health
Lock Device¹
Mass Device Enrollment
Mobile Device Security Policy
Password Recovery
Patch Management
Proactive Alerts
Remote Alarm
Reporting: Hardware Health
Reporting: Hardware Inventory
Reporting: Secure Device Compliance2
Reporting: Software Inventory
Role Management
Virus Protection
Wi-Fi Provisioning
Wipe Device¹


Knowledge Base and Forums
Phone and Chat Support

Licensing options that fit your needs

For the best value select from one year, two year or three year licensing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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    Will HP Touchpoint Manager support firewall solutions?


    Can HP Touchpoint Manager monitor my third party anti-virus software?


    How do I add a single user or multiple users?


    How do I add Groups?


    In what countries and languages is HP Touchpoint Manager available?


    How do I purchase HP Touchpoint Manager for Education?


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1. HP Touchpoint Manager requires purchase of a license and supports Android™, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 7 (SP1), or Windows 8.1 or higher operating systems and PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones from various manufacturers. Not available in all countries. See www.hp.com/go/touchpoint for availability information.