Analysis Service Tools

What are the Analysis Service Tools?

HP has developed and deployed industry leading service tools that notify you when a significant system event has or will occur. They are designed to send a notification only when an event or series of events has occurred that require a service action. HP has spent years developing product specific intelligence into these tools. We will continue to develop intelligent tools of this type to improve up-time through proactive notification and to reduce downtime through pinpoint problem identification. The Analysis Service Tools offer solutions which help increase your system's availability. These solutions can electronically phone home to HP, using Insight Remote Support, if a fault is detected. The Analysis Service tools support multiple platforms; Integrity, ProLiant, Alpha Servers and Storage Devices. The following operating systems are supported: Windows, OpenVMS, Tru64, HPUX, Linux.

Web Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) provides the following benefits:

  • Event filtering to identify serviceable events
  • Ability to analyze dissimilar events over time to perform multiple event correlation
  • CPU and Memory deallocation based on soft error rates (WEBES on Tru64 UNIX and OpenVMS)
  • Ability to analyze similar events over time for thresholding and burst suppression
  • Fault analysis to determine appropriate service actions
  • Event notification to let customers and/or HP know when a service action needs to be taken to resolve or prevent an outage.
  • Facilitates communication between HP SIM and HP by notifying HP SIM of filtered events that have been submitted by Insight Remote Support as service incidents


WEBES Tool Suite

Web Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) is used for hardware fault detection, analysis and notification on Integrity, ProLiant, Blade and Alpha based servers along with many HP storage products including EVA storage systems.Note: The Web Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) software is no longer available as a standalone download. The functionality to analyze events has been fully incorporated into HP Insight Remote Support. HP Insight Remote Support has many advantages over WEBES, including the ability to automatically submit actionable cases to HP including the device's entitlement. You are strongly advised to replace WEBES with HP Insight Remote Support and further details can found at WEBES is a time limited solution and if you have received a message stating " Service Obligation will expire..", then simply installing/upgrading to HP Insight Remote Support (HP Insight RS) A.05.80 will automatically renew the service obligation. HP strongly encourages you to update to HP Insight RS A.05.80 at the earliest opportunity to obtain the additional benefits and to ensure that HP can continue to provide you with the with the best possible service as specified in your Warranty, HP Care Pack or Contractual support agreement. If you are currently running HP Insight RS A.05.80 and you are receiving the "Service Obligation will expire.." message, then please go to this site, At this site, you will be able to download an update that will extend your service obligation. If you have received the error message above or your application is no longer operational and it is currently possible for you to replace your WEBES installation with Insight RS A.05.80, please contact your local HP Support organization. Details can be found on