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technology change

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HPE’s Education Consulting organization develops and manages customized education services tailored to meet customers’ business and technology needs

Education Consulting from HPE provides strategic direction, change solutions and education to customers to maintain productivity during a transformative process. We offer custom learning solutions and software tools tailored to meet the needs of your entire workforce. HPE Education Consulting solutions maximizes ROI while minimizing disruption to day-to-day business operations. Our outcome based education services improve productivity, reduce risk, achieve business results and improve employee morale.

Customers are facing:
* New converged technologies becoming pervasive
* IT departments evolving service delivery
* Workforces struggling to stay current
* Traditional training offerings not sufficient

HPE has both the technical and education experience to create and manage education solutions and training for customers evolving to their own New Style of IT.

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According to Gartner

“ The growing popularity of cloud computing in IT organizations poses difficulties for…leaders and HR departments in terms of hiring employees who possess appropriate skills. ”

— Gartner, “ Close Infrastructure and Operations Skills Gaps to Achieve Future IT and Business Priorities, ” March 12, 2013.

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