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With over 35 years of experience, we lead the industry when it comes to skills-based IT training, certification training, and training services focused on end user acceptance during a technology change. Our in-depth, award winning IT training covers all the elements of HPE cloud computing and converged infrastructure — from services to storage to networking and security.

Neutron News! Learn in-depth with Web Based Training

Take an in depth look at the OpenStack Network service Neutron. Networking in OpenStack® using Neutron #H4S71AAE will enable you to design and build a scalable extensible network within an OpenStack environment, in addition to learning and understanding the OpenStack networking components and how they work together. You will also understand the architecture and extensibility of an OpenStack based Network. This WBT course is intended for Network and Solution Administrators and Architects, Sales Engineers, as well as, OpenStack Administrators and Architects.

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Why partner with HPE for your cloud journey

You demand knowledgeable assistance from experienced and trusted partners like HPE to provide prescriptive guidance throughout your cloud journey. We deliver:

  • Cloud experts with industry knowledge, experience and best practices developed across geographically, public sector and private sector engagements
  • Consistent global delivery of world class cloud professional services
  • End-to-end innovative solutions that integrate business processes, applications, infrastructure and operations
  • A single point of accountability for all professional services
  • Hybrid delivery models across private, managed and public cloud
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